Best Places to Fulfill Your Sweet Tooth in NYC

New York just might be one of the best places to quench your sweet craving. With so many different cultures meshed together in the city, desserts from all over the world are available at your fingertips.

Cha Cha Matcha

If you love matcha, you’ve got to stop at one of Cha Cha Matcha’s two locations (373 Broome Street or 1158 Broadway). While their lattes are to die for, there’s one menu item that’ll really hit the spot: their matcha soft serve. While their matcha flavor is consistently offered, they also offer another flavor that changes depending on the season. And the best part about Cha Cha Matcha? You’ll get cute Instagram pictures, too!

Pasticceria Rocco

New York is known to be one of the hearts of good Italian food. So of course an Italian bakery has to make the list. Pasticceria Rocco is in the heart of the West Village, just a quick walk from the West 4th subway stop. The scent of freshly baked goodies hits you the moment you walk inside. But their top notch dessert? You’ve got to try their cheesecake. It’s offered in a multitude of flavors and just one slice is more than enough to fill you up. It might be tempting to try them all, but you can’t go wrong with a classic!

Grace Street

Grace Street is in Koreatown, nestled among a multitude of other Korean restaurants. Grace Street offers quick, reasonably priced desserts with a vast sit-down area.  Be a little adventurous and try something different: order their Ho-Dduk. The Ho-Dduk is a Korean donut stuffed with melted brown sugar, chopped walnuts and cinnamon, with a heaping topping of ice cream. Mouthwatering, right?

The City Bakery

The City Bakery can be found in Flatiron, on 18th Street. While of course they’re a bakery (meaning they have an incredibly large assortment of snacks), they’re widely known for their hot chocolate. In February, they actually host a hot chocolate festival where a different hot chocolate flavor appears each day. Although the festival has passed, you can still grab a cup of their classic hot chocolate.


Don’t be alarmed! Doughnuttery donuts are practically bite sized. But try one, and you won’t even mind that five of them fit in the palm of your hand. Located within Chelsea Market, Doughnuttery offers nearly 20 different flavors. The flavors are unlike any donut you’ve had before, such as the Purple Pig (maple, purple potatoes, bacon) or Spicy Rooster (maple, Sriracha, lime). And really, life is too short to not try bacon on your donut.

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