Are Tracksuits Making a Comeback?

By Taylor Bushey

Tracksuits are making a comeback — and not just any tracksuit. Throwing it back to the early 00’s, the iconic Juicy Couture velour tracksuit will be back on the market this July. Not only will they be available on Juicy’s website, but they will also be debuting in Bloomingdales as part of the brand’s new collaboration.

Many remember all types of celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears, wearing the tracksuit in a bright pink or sky blue. The 00’s trend brings back so many celeb memories. They would pair their cozy outfit with the famous Ugg Australia boots as well as a designer bag on their arms to match. As they walked to their cars, paparazzi would catch a glimpse of their bright outfit of the day.


After all these years, people wonder why the brand chose to make the revival, but it was actually the change of brand owners to stop the production in the first place. Now in the hopes to boost brand revenue, the restoration of one of their bestselling sets is starting to reignite some buzz in the media.

The velour track suit is a great luxury lounge outfit, but it will be interesting to see if customers will take to the reinvented trend. The early 00’s in the world of fashion has since been frowned upon due to some questionable trends. To put it bluntly, many were ridiculous.

Today, this style in particular may not pass the critics as a daily outfit like before, but rather seen as it really is — a comfortable pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt.

However, for those who like the brand’s renewal, the outfit would look good over work out gear to the gym, or the pieces can be worn separately to create a new look. It’s also a great excuse to invest in a pop of color.

No matter what you think of the “Juicy” news, keep in mind that the velour tracksuit is meant to be a fun approach to the stiff black and white attire so many go after in the fashion industry.

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