Album Review: “Harry Styles” by Harry Styles

By Morgan DiBisceglie

Former One Direction member Harry Styles released his first solo album earlier this month. The singer’s self-titled album “Harry Styles” quickly soared up the charts to the number one spot in over 84 countries.

Receiving major praise for his first single “Sign of the Times”, his complete album of 10 songs was the most anticipated since Zayn Malik released his solo album “MIND OF MINE” in 2016.

Styles didn’t set out to re-create the decades before him, but “wanted to do something that sounds like me [Harry].” The lyrics of the songs are extremely personal to Styles, depicting different experiences and hardships throughout his life. It becomes apparent that his music taste and style, heavily influenced by British classic rock, plays a huge role in his expressive self-narrative. As a result, Styles has been compared to the British rock star legend David Bowie.

Although “Harry Styles” is only his debut album as a solo artist, its musical excellence and authenticity have no doubt exceeded all of his past work. You can really feel how much of his heart and soul went into the music. I couldn’t help falling in love with all 10 tracks, especially the ballads “Sweet Creature” and “Two Ghosts”.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen to “Harry Styles”, I highly recommend you to do so.

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