A Harajuku Spring

Everyone has some dose of seasonal depression. How could you not with the rigidly cold wind flying down 7th avenue? That week where the air feels as though it’s getting closer to days of warmth and dandelions is one we are all dreaming of. This year’s spring energy will bring in flowers and some blooming trends to go along with it- giving us a Harajuku spring. 

The sun will feel the brightest it’s felt in a long time, especially after the past few difficult seasons. Upbeat energies will bring new and playful trends in fashion and health. This boost will inspire many to tap into their spirituality and good mental health practices. Things like taking outdoor yoga classes with friends, dancing about, or running in fields of grass to fill your body with genuine joy. 

The practice of individuality has been on the rise thanks to the onset of isolation that the pandemic brought. This idea of having to focus on oneself more to prevent the feeling of being stuck at home for such a long time sparked creativity in a lot of people in fashion, beliefs, art, home, crafts, beauty, cooking. Literally everything and anything. This movement will continue to grow this spring. 


This style was prominent in Japanese street fashion.

Specifically the Harajuku district of Tokyo. It’s had its own identity since the start of WW2. US army barracks were built, which also brought shops for the new US families to go to. When the Olympics were held in Tokyo in 1964, young tourists inspired more commercial development in this region. High-end fashion designers set up shops in this area and it became very popular by the 70’s.

In 1978 the Laforet mall opened which was and continues to be the best place to shop for Harajuku fashion. This mall increased the popularity of this area so much so that by the 80’s, on Sundays, the streets around it closed to traffic and filled with people. The streets were plentiful with artists, new fashion, music, skateboarding and so much more. For us FIT students, it’s comparable to 27th street on a nice summer day. The energy of the Harajuku streets closing on Sundays to be filled with evolving fashion and good energy will be carried into this spring’s trends

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Shoichi Aoki

Creator of Fruits Magazine, began documenting Harajuku fashion in 1997. Not only did he photograph the fashion, but he also captured the spirits and energy of the area. The documentation of their individualism and care-free attitudes was both beautiful and inspiring. The style consists of over accessorized and exaggerated pieces. For example, adding accessories of your favorite Sanrio or Mario Kart character or mixing bold prints together to make an outfit. 

Unique knits were popular in Fruits magazine and we will also be seeing them introduced this spring. Crocheting and knitting are some of the sustainable crafts people picked up over quarantine and are continuing to rise in popularity. This spring, knit sets with unique cut outs, animal eared hats, dresses and bikinis will make an appearance.

Bows go in and out of style often, but next season they make the look thanks to the influence of Fanci Club. Fanci Club designs consist of many cut-outs, sheer fabric and bows. Although their designs are not affordable, taking inspiration from them can be. Thinking differently about the way you dress, owning your outfit, and using your body as an empty canvas is what individual style is about. 

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Some Small business Owners to Watch for:

Some small business owners that make this fashion can be found on Instagram @lexmeace, @fanci.club and @freyamckee. Another designer is Etsy user @wittylittlerebel makes affordable and amazing knit animal hats. Their hand made designs are stunning and exactly what we will be seeing more of this spring. 


The people in Fruits magazine had a unique mentality. They are extreme individualists, care-free, inspired yet inspirational, and genuinely happy. These traits will also be in the air this spring,  so be sure to take care of your body, mind and spirit. Providing your body with nutrients, feeling strong and energized from healthy habits can help you achieve this mentality. After everything we’ve been through recently it will feel euphoric to begin to see some light. 


Having a happy mind can improve your life in more ways than you could imagine.

It can motivate you to improve other areas of your life. That pile of dirty socks in the corner that’s been building up all semester or that new recipe you’ve been neglecting to try may be accomplished with a positive mindset. Think about your life in high school versus your life now in college; you’re most likely accomplishing much more now. Maybe it’s because you’re now inspired and surrounded by high energy creatives. In some ways you are what you surround yourself with. This spring, surround yourself with what’s best for you and what inspires you.