A Conversation With FIT’s Very Own, Marsanne Brands

A little over one year ago, Blush had the opportunity of sitting down with FIT’s very own, founder of Marsanne Brands, Chloe Marsanne. Chloe spoke about her search for originality, through her highly unique multimedia streetwear designs. “Our brand is generated around DNA, different color patterns and different ways of life. It’s for everyone who wants to feel like they belong in some kind of way. Our goal is to create a community,” Chloe told Blush.

Now, Marsanne Brands’ call for individuality, inclusivity and diversity is being heard. In November 2018, Marsanne Brands was featured by Nylon Magazine. “The hope is to have the power to engage millions of eyes around the world and reach out them and say, ‘Hey! You are not alone!’ with our garments,” Chloe told Nylon. Marsanne Brands’ pieces are not just clothing, they are “skins”, in the sense that they embody the character of the person wearing it. In an age of fast fashion, technological overload, political and social turbulence, Marsanne Brands speak to a generation searching for a little more. More than a conversation starter, Marsanne has the ability to start a revolution, or, better yet, to empower its wearers start a revolution of their very own. 

Today, Chloe Marsanne sits down with Blush Magazine for a second time. Below is our conversation, where we talk about breaking gender binaries, Chucky, and designing clothes for The Statue of Liberty.

Hi Chloe! So first of all I want to say I’m totally hyped to be interviewing you. I picked up my first piece in the Style Shop at FIT, last year. It was a purple tie-­dyed tee that had a black skull and yellow stars painted on it. I also own a highlighter yellow volleyball tee from you guys. They have to be some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, and ever since then I have wanted to get to know more about the brand.

Thank you so much for the kind words – I’m happy to hear that you own some of our garments and that they’re some of your favorite pieces. Rock on – and thanks for the support.

Are you still attending school at FIT? If so, what semester and major are you? How has your experience at FIT helped you establish Marsanne Brands?

I’m in my last semester at FIT, completing my BS degree in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program. I started my brand independently from FIT, so in the beginning, there was no crossover. Throughout time, FIT has been an instrumental player in the growth of Marsanne Brands. Marsanne Brands is offered in the Style Shop who we’ve worked with a lot. Being at FIT has helped raise brand awareness. There are a lot of wonderful people I’ve connected with as well. I think FIT can be a great platform for anyone – it’s what you do with it that counts.

In November, you and creative coordinator, Hailey Rutt, had the awesome opportunity of speaking with Nylon Magazine about Marsanne Brands. How was that experience for you?

Working with Nylon Magazine was a great, monumental experience that helped Marsanne Brands get a lot of exposure. Marsanne Brands felt heard – and there is still more to come. It was great to produce a video with them, and be featured. We showed a behind the scenes look at our garments and creative process. The link to the video is available here.

Marsanne Brands girl wearing a yellow tee shirt in front of a pink background

In the Nylon interview, you said that you perceived streetwear to be made for males, by males. At Marsanne Brands, how do you make sure to break gender binaries with your designs?

First off, Marsanne Brands is gender-free. A shirt is a shirt, period. Anyone can wear it – alien or not. Marsanne Brands is all about breaking the binary. Self-expression is a freeing process, and is for everyone. Marsanne Brands hopes to unite people with artistic streetwear that speaks even when words fail us. Streetwear must abandon sexism to survive. Marsanne Brands creates artistic streetwear that makes your creative statement and demonstrates your confidence, uniqueness, and self-expression. The art we incorporate is gender-free, abstract, and all original. We align ourselves with people, brands, and platforms that follow our mantra – the people of tomorrow. Marsanne Brands is an outlet for all – it isn’t exclusive to any club or group of people. We hope to unite people with our creations, not separate them.

Take us through your usual creative process. Do you just pick up a shirt and start designing as you go along, or is it a more methodical design process?

Every garment is one of one, just like the world – we work with an array of materials to create our garments. We consider them skins. So, much of our design process is innate – the colors, themes, and motifs come from deep within. It is vital to Marsanne Brands that our garments are created this way since we are always collaborating in-house. Music is also a large inspiration for Marsanne Brands. On a typical day in our studio, music will be blaring, and our team will be working on 5-6 shirts each in different methods of design. Madness to some, but to us, a murmuration of starlings. With our garments, you can start conversation. Try wearing one of our graffiti shirts to a cafe if you’re feeling lonely. There’s always something to talk about – our shirts can be the buffer or ‘middle ground’ per se.

Black Tee Shirt with Scary Chucky on it

I’ve noticed a lot of Chucky­-inspired designs on your Instagram, lately. Are you inspired by a lot of cult movies?

There is immense power in pre-existing motifs. I’m not necessarily inspired by cult movies so much as I am inspired by the concept of the cult phenomena. Thus, much of the Marsanne Brands goal is to access the underground and offer a safe haven. The preexisting motifs serve as a sigil to our target audience.

Lastly, what is in store for the future of Marsanne Brands?

We hope to grow the movement of artistic streetwear, and dress people the world over with our message. The future of the brand – clothes for the Statue of Liberty? Dressing virtual reality stars? Designing a _? Who knows. We walk through the industry with open arms, backed by the people- our underground rebellion. Our clothes are meant to give back to the community, to stimulate conversation – so we will always strive to do more of that, and never stop. To be a wearable armor for all the freaks, geeks and weirdos that aim to combat the misunderstandings and intolerances of today in hopes of progress tomorrow. Our hopes for the future of fashion at large include positive evolution in the industry. From becoming more inclusive, to fighting the binary – we must rise, and we must rise together. For too long, companies have relied on making people feel awful about themselves in order to drive sales. It’s time to say NO. Let’s stop making fashion an elitist club of know-it-alls and start showing it for what it is.

Boy wearing a tie-dyed purple Marsanne Brands shirt

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