Your November Tarot-Scope is Here!

A tarot-scope combines the ancient art of tarot and astrology to provide guidance and self-reflection for each astrological sun sign.


Image by Emma Westbrook

♏️ Scorpio

Happy solar return, my sweet Scorpions! Your card this month is The King of Cups. This card is resonates hard. Scorpio is one of the most intense signs of the Zodiac, and it’s a water sign. Cups, represent the water element as well. Water correlates to emotions, intimacy, connection, feelings, and intuition. The King is the most evolved of the Court of Cups. Since this is your season, you’ll be connecting to that water element in a strong way. Except to do some deep emotional growth and spiritual transformation this November. You’re evolving, and it might be a little overwhelming. Try to be gentle with yourself and try to just feel your emotions, instead of analyzing them.


♐️ Sagittarius

Happy November Sagittarius! Your card of the month is The Four of Pentacles. This month is all about releasing for you. Halloween marked the Witches New Year. Use this new and fresh energy to brainstorm new opportunities. Right now you may be clutching too hard to someone or something. Holding on to the past does nothing for you now. Release what no longer serves you, and make space for your new journey. Use this mercury retrograde to find closure with past choices. 


♑️ Capricorn

Welcome to Scorpio season, Capricorn! Your card is The Nine of Wands. Normally you are logical and diligent, sea goat. But during this Scorpio season you are feeling more connected to your emotions, and this can be frightening. Allow yourself to observe your feelings, meditate or journal to understand them. You can be prone to anxiety this November, know that you have all the tools you need to overcome those feelings and to connect with peace. 


♒️ Aquarius

Welcome to Scorpio season, Aquarius! Your card for this month is The Ten of Pentacles. This is a time of cultivation and celebration. The Witches New Year, Samhain, is on all hallows eve. You are being asked to reflect at this time. What have you achieved this year? How have you grown? You are not the same soul as you were last Samhain. This is a moment to end a cycle, and allow yourself to feel proud of all that you’ve done. 

♓️ Pisces

Happy November, Pisces! You card of the month is The Death card. Although this card can seem scary, it is the best card to have right now! The Death card is actually ruled by scorpio, thus we all are in the energy that this card embodies. The Death card is about deep change and transformation. You are aligned with the greater cosmic energies Pisces. This comes as no surprise since Pisces are the last and most evolved of the zodiac. Tap into your natural intuitive nature and do some deep mediation this month. This is to help you understand what and who you and transforming into!


♈️ Aries

Welcome to Scorpio season, Aries! Your card of the month is The Seven of Cups. This month will bring you many options and opportunities. There are wonderful moments to network and grow your community. Your creativity and purpose are growing, tap into them. You may feel a little over stimulated at this time but allow yourself to go with that chaotic and creative energy. You Aries, thrive on that!


♉️ Taurus

Happy Scorpio season, bull babes! Your card is The Hanged Man. This month, you are encouraged to look within and reflect. With Mercury going into retrograde on October 31st, the hanged man is good energy to be in. Slow down and think things through. Right now is not a time to take action, but a time to think about what we truly want and what steps we should take to get there. 


♊️ Gemini

Welcome to Scorpio season, Gemini! Your card this month is The Magician. This month you will be feeling powerful. Scopio season is intense, but you are tapping into that energy in a positive and productive way. This month you are going to be able to pull all your skills together and really create something great. You are leveling up this November! Take some time to reflect on all your growth and be proud of yourself, Gemini!


♋️ Cancer

Welcome to November, my caring cancer crabs!  Your card is The Hierophant. Last month your card was the High Priestess, which invoked some deep spiritual exploration. This month will be very spiritual for you as well. The Hierophant encourages us to explore spirit through community. Figure out what you’re spiritually interested in, and try to create conversations and gathering centered around that. Maybe join a mediation circle, or attend a workshop on astrology!


♌️ Leo

Happy November, little Lions! Your card for this month is The Devil! Last month with your card being The Queen of Swords, the universe was asking you to work on your boundaries and communication. This month, those skills will be put to the test. It is possible that with Mercury Retrograde on the 31st, a toxic ex of yours will pop up. Be strong and remember what you have learned. Your ex is your ex for a reason! Don’t feed into negative attachments and addictive energies. Remain strong and grounded. Try doing some restorative yoga to keep yourself leveled this November. 


♍️ Virgo

Happy Scorpio Season, Virgo! Your card is Judgement. Last month your card was The Tower and you endured some uprooting changes within how you see and navigate things. This month you are fully entering a new cycle. You are rebirthing. All of your recent experiences have given you a fresh perspective, you can finally see clearly. With these new insights, think about what you want for your future. What is it that you desire?


♎️ Libra

Welcome November, Libras! Your card for this month is The Nine of Cups. This month will come with a blessing for you little Libra. Something you have been trying to manifest for a while, will finally start moving. With Mercury starting his retrograde on October 31st, there may be issues with communication. Try to be as diligent as possible with this new endeavor. Really plan ahead, and take into account all possible mishaps. If you prepare correctly, this could be an overwhelmingly positive experience! 

Emma Westbrook is a practicing witch and intuitive tarot reader. She has been following the religion of Wicca for five years, and has been reading divination cards for seven years. She creates her own tinctures, oil and herbal blends, spells, and meditations. She also works with crystals, moon phases, and seasons to connect and manifest with the natural flow of the universe. Emma writes a biweekly column on magic, as well as monthly tarot-scopes (tarot + horoscopes) for Blush online. Message her on personal Instagram (@emmawest.brook) or her business instagram (@weaving.witch) for personalized readings, magical products, and other inquiries.