5 Places to go Thrifting in NYC on a Budget

We all know that shopping in New York City means putting money aside three weeks prior, and still somehow end up dipping into your savings. Instead, we decide to start thrifting, still somehow ending up at high-end thrift shops. While we trick ourselves into thinking it’s cheaper, our bank accounts are in reality. Not to mention, thrifting is hard! Students don’t have the patience to rummage through racks of clothes weighing which ones are vintage and which ones just look used. Trust me, I’ve been in every one of these situations. To alleviate your thrifting pains, here are the 5 best places to thrift in NYC, on a budget.

AuH2O Thriftique

84 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003

Located in the East Village, AuH2O is one of the coolest thrift stores in NYC. Named after the owner, Kate Goldwater, the store is perfectly priced for our tight wallets and is always on trend. The store is on the smaller side and it is kept very organized for easy searching. If you’re in the mood to dig, you can find some really great things at really low prices, however, the store’s stock is always on trend, so you are almost always guaranteed a good find. Clothing prices range between $5 and $30 and the accessories are between $3 and $25. 

Housing Works

Housing Works is not your average thrift shop, it’s an experience. You could spend under an hour here, or you could spend all day enjoying everything at Housing Works. Not only is it a thrift shop, but it is also a bookstore, online store, café and non-profit organization. With locations all across Manhattan, the businesses are socially conscious and work to help homeless and low-income individuals who are living with HIV/AIDS. Their profit goes toward their mission of housing, job training and getting healthcare these individuals. So not only are you shopping for yourself while you’re here, your helping out somebody who’s really in need. 

Angel Street Thrift Shop

48 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010

No matter where you are located, Angel Street Thrift Shop is worth the subway ride. This shop is neat, it’s clean and it’s fabulous! The store holds its fair share of designers, but even what isn’t designer is worth a look. They have plenty of options, an eclectic environment and is also a non-profit. There is literally no reason to not shop at Angel Street Thrift.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange has been open since 1974, and has been thriving ever since. For 45 years, the thrift shop has been buying men’s and women’s clothes along with plenty of accessories in excellent condition. The store is located in 18 different states along with the District of Columbia. It’s easy to navigate, easy to get to, easy to buy and easy to sell. If you are in need of a shopping trip that doesn’t wear out your patience, nor leaves you to buy worn out clothes, Buffalo Exchange is for you.


218 W 14th St # A, New York, NY 10011

Rags is considered one of the best vintage thrift shops in NYC. Carrying all of your favorite staple items, you’re guaranteed to want something here. They have everything you need to complete your vintage looks, from the perfect denim jacket to the best hats and belts. You can find your favorite t-shirts and hoodies here as well. Rags-a-Gogo has been open for 25 years, yet is a little under-rated. Don’t believe me? Go and find out for yourself.