2017 Fall/Winter Hat Trends

Headwear is a must-have item during the winter time to protect you from harsh weather in NYC, necessary for your daily life. Here are trending hats to help keep you warm and make statements for your styling this fall and winter!

The Baker Boy Hat, also referred to Newsboy, Page Boy and Jay Gatsby. This was worn by lower-class workers like newsboys and farmers and the upper-class  when they enjoyed leisure activities in late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, we’re are styling this to create chic and casual looks, more popular for fashionable and stylish for women. The Baker Boy Hat is designed using fur, suede and knit. You can find different Baker Boy Hats in Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and Prada collections.

The Oversized Cloche is also a trending hat this season. This is also called a Bell Hat. The Cloche was popular for luxury and elegant women in early 20th century. Now, people are wearing this hat for young and casual styles. There are various shapes and the size is especially exaggerated this season. The Cloche was usually made of felt but can also be made of knit and fur materials. You can find oversized Bell Hats from 2017 Fall/Winter runways such as Coach, Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui.

The Beret is also a trendy hat this fall and winter season. This hat was originally for  military uniforms but it has changed for fashion styling. It looks artistic and smart so you can make a statement wearing this hat in all seasons. The shapes or sizes of the Beret have not been changed as much as other headwear but the materials and textures have varied. You can check out the Berets from Dior, Wanda Nylon and Nicholas K runways!


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