100 Layers of Viral Beauty

By: Ryann Casey


One of the strangest beauty trends to recently surface is the “100 Layers Challenge”.  In this challenge, you select a beauty product and instead of applying it as usual you instead apply it 100 times in layers, waiting for the previous coat to fully dry before applying the next one.


The birth of this trend started about a month ago and was subscriber suggested by the beauty YouTuber Simply Nailogical, for the sole purpose of seeing every nail polish shade she has and watching her peel them away after.


Simply Nailogical’s nail polish mountain 116 coats of nail polish video inspired many recreations spawning the viral 100 layer challenge with thousands of beauty bloggers documenting their own take. Some of the most noteworthy takes are 100 layers of liquid lipstick, 100 layers of highlighter, and now Jenna Marbles with 100 layers of EVERYTHING that includes 100 layers of hairspray, nail polish, liquid lipstick, foundation, false eyelashes and self-tanner.  


Differing takes drive the trend in different directions. While some beauty bloggers use 100 coats to demonstrate the multitudes of makeup their subscribers want to see, like in the case of 100 coats of liquid lipstick, others simply use it to show how comical the products are when they’re built up, like with 100 coats of liquid eyeliner or dipbrow.

take off

This challenge is uniquely captivating and shows exactly how too much of a good thing can be bad. Beauty products can go from killer to over kill in a matter of coats, and the 100 coat challenge is an amusing purposeful makeup fail. While not at all practical, this trend is interesting and entertaining, reminding us all how fun makeup can be.

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