The Stars Get a Rainbow Makeover

By Ryann Casey

Bright hair colors have been popular for a long time, but over the past month celebrities have been embracing the vibrant trend.  Every one of the celebs that upped their hair color cool debuted their looks on Instagram.

What better way to reveal to the world your luscious locks and poppin color than on the largest visual social media platform? From Gaga to Gigi, a slew of A-Listers embraced the unicorn trend to bring you orange, pink, blue and purple hair inspo that may persuade you to try a bold look rather than going back to brunette for fall.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys took to Instagram on July 21st  to show us her neon take on the celeb-loving rainbow color trend. The star’s new yellow, orange and pink braids are the perfect rainbow sherbert, fruity pebbles trio. The combination of color and texture makes each braid and each shade of the rainbow stand out. Keys stayed true to her no-makeup kick and showed off the eye catching hair color with no makeup on her face, making the hair color stand out even stronger against the blank canvas of her face.

Gigi Hadid

On July 28th, Gigi posted a pic of her pretty pink high ponytail on Instagram. The look was created for a Maybelline photoshoot, and was most likely temporary or clip in extensions. Nonetheless the hair color, a mix of fuchsia, purple and her natural blonde, is a major unicorn inspired beauty moment. The high ponytail made for an editorialized Barbie meets My Little Pony moment. Her makeup was barely-there minimalism, allowing the hair to stand out against her flawless complexion and nude lips. The pink pony was created by hairstylist Kenna.

Lady Gaga

In preparation and excitement for her Joanne World Tour, Lady Gaga introduced us to her newly orange and blue hair on July 29th. Gaga has been known to rock any hair color/hair style you can imagine, but the curious combo of these two colors is extremely impactful. Blue and orange are complementary colors, so each makes the other pop. The orange is a mix of two haircolor trends- peach and orange; the blue is more of a turquoise. Her hair transformation was brought to us thanks to hairstylist Frederic Aspiras. Gaga’s makeup artist, Sarah Tanno finished the look with bold graphic liner and Pat Mcgrath-esque ruby red glitter lips.

Ryann Casey

PR Director & Web Beauty Editor @ryannxcasey

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