Zara to Launch ‘Augmented Reality’ App to Attract Millennials

In an effort to attract millennials to its stores, Zara has announced that they will introduce new augmented reality displays starting on April 18th. This new “reality” will allow customers to see models walking around the store and wearing clothes, which you can then select and buy. The two week experience will be available in 120 Zara stores around the world, and will be accessible to all customers who have the Zara app on their phones. When shoppers hold their smartphones up to a sensor in the store or designated store window, they will be able to see models wearing selected looks from those ranges.

Additionally, users will be able to hover over a package they ordered online and see models showing alternative outfit choices. The app also features a tool for sharing the experience on social media, encouraging users to take and submit photos of the holograms and make the most of this limited-time offer. Zara isn’t the first retailer to utilize augmented reality either. Last Fall, Burberry launched a feature on its app that allowed users to digitally enhance their surroundings with Burberry-inspired art. Brands such as Topshop, Converse, Gap and Uniqlo have also created similar AR-inspired apps.

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