Your February Tarot-Scope is Here!

Emma Westbrook is a practicing witch and intuitive tarot reader. She has been following the religion of Wicca and reading divination cards for years. She creates her own tinctures, oil and herbal blends, spells, and meditations. She also works with crystals, moon phases, and seasons to connect and manifest with the natural flow of the universe. Emma writes a biweekly column on magic, as well as monthly tarot-scopes (tarot + horoscopes) for Blush online. Message her on personal Instagram (@emmawest.brook) or her business Instagram (@weaving.witch) for personalized readings, magical products, and other inquiries.


A tarot-scope combines the ancient art of tarot and astrology to provide guidance and self-reflection for each astrological sun sign.


Image by Emma Westbrook


♒️ Aquarius

Happy Solar  Return, Aquariuans! Your card for this month is The Chariot. You are moving onto bigger and better things! You are leveling up, transporting to a new state of mind. You have a clear vision and you are making it happen this month. Last month your card was The Nine of Cups. You were called to understand what you wanted to manifest this year. Now, you have it all decided and are making it happen.


♓️ Pisces

Happy February, Pisces! You card of the month is The Two of Swords. Last month your card was the Five of Cups and things were a little rough. This month you’ll feel less animosity. You will be called to make a big decision. Until you make it, you might feel cloudy. Try to weigh out your choices as objectively as possible.


♈️ Aries

Welcome to February, rambunctious ram! Your card of the month is The Knight of Pentacles. You will be moving forward in your career realm this month. You are putting down roots and  taking steps to financial stability. After last month’s major shift with the 8 of cups, you are feeling more grounded and optimistic about the future and finances. 


♉️ Taurus

Happy February, bull babes! Your card is The Four of Wands. This month will be joyous and light. Last month was stressful, you were trying to achieve balance with The Two of Pentacles. This month’s energy is relieving. You made it through! 


♊️ Gemini

Welcome to February, Gemini! Your card this month is The King of Swords. Swords represent air signs, which you Gemini are. The King of Swords harnesses all the power of the swords. You will be stepping into yourself this month Gemini. You will be thriving and clear headed. With strong direction, you will move forward with your ideas quickly. Last month your card was Judgement. You have been reborn, into the most fierce version of yourself. Enjoy this power.


♋️ Cancer

Welcome to February, caring crabs! Your card of the month is The Knight of Wands. February 2nd marks the Witches Holiday known as Imbolc. The holiday harnesses fire energy and represents rebirth. It is the midpoint of winter and spring. A time when we can start looking forward to new life budding. Wands represent fire, and the knight represents forward moving energy. This month you will be connected to the universe. Your passion and creativity are beginning to rebirth after a long winter hibernation. Your zest for life has returned. Go outside and feel the fresh air on your skin. 


♌️ Leo

Happy February, little lions! Your card for this month is The Death Card. Last month your card was the Five of Swords and you finally put a long battle to rest. Now you are transforming. A major karmic change is coming. Nothing will be the same as it was before. Don’t fear this change. It might be uprooting but it’s all a part of your very unique divine plan.


♍️ Virgo

Happy February, Virgo! Your card is The Star. You will be feeling connected and inspired this month! You are in communication with the universe and all is well. Last month your card was 

The Six of Wands. You were moving forward and feeling good. These first two months of 2020 are off to a wonderful start for you virgo. Allow yourself to feel it.


♎️ Libra

Welcome to February, Libras! Your card for this month is The Four of Swords. After the uprooting change of The Tower last month, this month brings rest. This month make self care the number one priority. Let yourself relax and rejuvenate. There is a break indicated. Taking time before completing a cycle. Know that this time is for you to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. Especially be kind to your body.


♏️ Scorpio

Happy February, sweet scorpions! Your card this month is Queen of Pentacles. You have grown a lot since last month’s energy of The Fool. You are more grounded, you are more stable,and you are more domestic this month. You want to spend time at home. Planning a potluck would be a nice way to connect with your community this month. 


♐️ Sagittarius

Happy February, sassy Sag! Your card for this month is The Ace of Cups. There are new beginning for you this month and they are overwhelmingly positive! You are going to feel connected and filled with love. New and wonderfully refreshing energy is washing all over you. Last month your card was The Emperor. You took charge and made things happen, now you are being blessed with the benefits!


♑️ Capricorn

Happy February, Capricorns! Your card is The Four of Cups. Last month your card was The Wheel of Fortune and you endured a lot of big changes. This month you are going to be presented with new opportunities. These may not be things you are interested in, and that’s okay. Just make sure you are aware of how many blessings you are receiving. Work on manifesting what you truly want by showing gratitude for the opportunities you don’t. Thank the universe for its offerings and express what you truly desire.