Your August Tarot-scope Is Here!

Image by Emma Westbrook

A tarot-scope combines the ancient art of tarot and astrology to provide guidance and self-reflection for each astrological sun sign.

Happy Leo season, readers!  Last month saw an emotional and reflective Cancer season heightened by the July’s Mercury Retrograde. Thankfully Leo season is here in full-force, gifting us the flirtatious, bold, and confident energy we need. So get ready for a fun and fiery August—Leo season is the Hot Girl Summer mood we’ve been manifesting all along.


♌️ Leo

Happy solar return, little Lions! Your card for this month is The Hermit. Oddly enough, during your own season, you won’t be roaring too loud. Maybe things have been happening that you don’t quite understand, or maybe you feel a little burnt out. Either way, this month’s energy urges you to spend time alone—you have some deep reflecting to do. Reconnect with your spirituality through creative endeavors like painting, reading, or writing poetry. You’ll get some much-needed clarity and realize that the answers have been within you, all along.


♍️ Virgo

Happy August, Virgos! Your card is The Page Of Cups, which means you are going to have some good luck this month, as well as begin a long term cycle with your emotional self. This journey is going to help you grow to be more compassionate and vulnerable, but you must realize that it takes time. Some journaling will help you organize your thoughts. 


♎️ Libra

Happy Leo season, little Libras! Your card for this month is The Page of Swords. Libra’s are air signs, and the swords are the suit of air, meaning you are now—quite literally—in your element! This month will spark the start of a really exciting, new adventure. You have a wonderful idea, and you’re finally going to have the will and words to express it. 


♏️ Scorpio

Welcome to Leo season, Scorpions! Your card this month, The Seven of Wands brings you a much different energy than last month’s joyous and warm, The Lovers card. The Seven of Wands indicates struggles. Thankfully these are not major issues, just a lot of little annoyances, you will feel even more test-y than usual. Though you’re a water sign, Scorpio is known to have fiery tendencies, so try to keep your cool and express your frustrations in a healthy way. Physical exercises such as cardio, kickboxing, and Hot Yoga, can be great ways to release the heat!


♐️ Sagittarius

Happy August, Centaurs! Your card of the month is The Chariot, meaning you are starting a new cycle and being brought into a space that supports and nurtures you. You have major goals for this month, and you will accomplish them; the universe is on your side and things are moving along swiftly. There are some changes indicated—perhaps within your job, or maybe you have the opportunity to embark on a special trip! Either way, this month will be one you very much enjoy, my sweet Sagittarius.


♑️ Capricorn

Welcome to Leo season, Capricorns! Your card is The Ace of Pentacles. This month you will be starting a new business venture—which will not only has a lot of opportunity for growth, but will have you seeing profits quickly! You have an abundance of energy right now, so make sure you’re using the most of it by writing a manifestation list or making a vision board!


♒️ Aquarius

Welcome to August, Aquarians! Your card for this month is The Nine of Cups. This month your dreams are coming true! Something you have been working on manifesting for a very long time will finally be yours. Writing a gratitude journal will allow you to stay grounded and realize all that you and the universe have accomplished together. 


♓️ Pisces

Welcome to Leo season, Little Fish! Your card is The Two of Cups, meaning a romantic partnership will be coming into your life this month! If you’re single, you’ll meet someone that gives you butterflies and treats you with the same kindness and care that you treat them. If you are already committed, you are going to be sharing your responsibilities and feelings much easier than before. This is a very balanced relationship.


♈️ Aries

Welcome to the start of Leo season, rambunctious Rams! Your card for this month is The Knight of Pentacles, indicating a new grounding energy entering your life. Likely, this energy will take shape in the form of a person that shares your passions and ethics for hard work. You may form a romantic relationship, work relationship, or friendship—either way, it will be a positive one. Be open. 


♉️ Taurus

Happy August, Bull babies! Your card is The Queen of Swords, meaning it’s time to speak your mind! Be eloquent, but be to the point. This is also the time to do some major Marie Kondo-type cleaning in your life. Cut out all that no longer serves you, and draw your boundaries. Remember, this is your life and you are in control!


♊️ Gemini

Welcome to Leo season, Twins! Your card is Judgement, which means August will be a month of rebirth for you, and the mark of a fresh start. You will absorb the lessons learned in past lives and cycles, and through this, you will become stronger, wiser, and kinder. Your intuition will be speaking up. Listen to it.


♋️ Cancer

Happy August little Crabs! Your card is The Four Of Cups, which means many opportunities will be coming your way—though they may not be what you’ve been expecting or hoping for. Try to focus on gratitude and mindfulness, and remember that sometimes what we don’t want is what we truly need. Be open. 


Emma Westbrook is a practicing witch and intuitive tarot reader. She has been following the religion of Wicca for five years, and has been reading divination cards for seven years. She creates her own tinctures, oil and herbal blends, spells, and meditations. She also works with crystals, moon phases, and seasons to connect and manifest with the natural flow of the universe. Emma writes a biweekly column on magic, as well as monthly tarot-scopes (tarot + horoscopes) for Blush online. Message her on personal Instagram (@emmawest.brook) or her business instagram (@weaving.witch) for personalized readings, magical products, and other inquiries.

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