Your April Horoscope

It looks like the stars are going to be pretty busy this April. We kicked off our astro new year when the Sun moved into Aries on March 20th. On April 1st, the New moon in Aries certainly prompted us to dive head first into new beginnings, and the rest of April will propel us forward for the rest of the astrological year.

This New Moon in Aries initiates change and signifies new beginnings. It aligns with transiting Mercury in Aries, suggesting a fiery, courageous, and lively time. However, Mars will be in conjunction with Saturn. The full moon is often an emotional time, and the full moon in Libra urges us to tap into our emotions on a more practical level. 

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the planet of assertion. Saturn is the planet of limitations. With this conjunction, the urge to work hard to get to the top is increased greatly. 

Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance, aligns with Neptune, the planet of spirituality and dreams, on April 12th. There will be a spirit of optimism. This conjunction encourages us to dream big, to connect with others, and to live life on a grand scale. We thirst for idealism, and this conjunction increases this. While Jupiter and Neptune signify big dreams, big ideas, and big ambitions, both planets are a little out of touch with reality. This means we may need a reality check this season. It advises us to dream big, but it doesn’t hurt to be practical.

On April 16th, a full moon Libra will bring a sudden awareness to the many areas of our lives: relationships, work, career, self, etc. Symbolized by the scales, Libra calls on us to find balance. On this day, we may feel inspired to tend to all of the things we’ve been neglecting. Saturn aligns with the Sun and Moon, while Pluto forms a square to the luminaries at this time. Helpful encounters with authoritative figures are likely to occur. While we want to assert ourselves and charge forward, caution is increased. The pressure to control the multifaceted areas of an individual’s life are increased, due to the need for balance. However, there is a certainty in direction, with help from the rest of our planets, which are orbiting directly. 

Pluto stations retrograde on April 29th. Pluto, the planet of ultimate power and rebirth, calls us to use our power to evolve. It’s complex and heavy energy is saturated during this time. Pluto is retrograde until October 8th. During this time, it is critical to reassess our power, who is in power, and how we can use our power for the greater good.  

On April 30th, there is a Solar Eclipse in Taurus. It is the first Solar Eclipse in Taurus in the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Prior to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus in November 2021, it is the second eclipse in the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The Solar Eclipse occurs when Venus is closely conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, rules this eclipse. There is lots of potential for romance. This makes this particularly significant. It is in the sign of Taurus, which deals with values, worth, sensuality, physical and material resources, and familiarity will be a theme at this time. It’s a time for preservation. Our sense of security is re-evaluated. We are re-discovering what makes us feel truly fulfilled!


What does this month mean for your sign? Apply sun, moon, mars, and ascendant. 


Happy Birthday, Aries! Eyes are on you this month. With the transiting sun in your sign, the power is in your hands. This is the best time for you to take on creative pursuits Aries. Mars, your planetary ruler, moves into your sign on the 14th. You are bound to exert your energy fervently. Your perceptions are heightened at this time, as the planets align with your first house of self. It can be easy to make brash decisions, but with Venus in your 12th house of spiritual consciousness, this is the perfect time for self reflection. You may feel inclined to connect with your ambitions.

The Full moon in Libra on the 16th is pivotal for your relationships. With the moon in your sister sign, you will be challenged to seek balance in your relationships. Retrograde Pluto on the 29th may open your eyes to your feelings about a certain person, relationship, or goal. It is advised that you ponder your actions in certain situations. You may need to reflect on your perspective and see where you need to detach. Lastly, the solar eclipse in your second house will be key in how you make your financial decisions. You may feel more prompted to take direction with monetary subjects. It is likely that you will find feelings of liberation, and perhaps you may free yourself of certain debts. To new beginnings, Aries! 



There is an urge to reflect, Taurus. You are steady, leisurely, and calculated– contrasting the dynamic, direct, and hot energy of Aries season. The urge to reflect is in the area of career or life goals. Mercury will be entering your sign on the 10th, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your self expression. Personal time is optimal for you at the moment. This is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate, as the sun and mercury move into your sign later this month. You may find yourself in positions of leadership, as you’re called to make decisions in career, goals, and relationships.

With Neptune and Jupiter conjoining later this month, you may find yourself in positions of networking, connecting with people and expressing your ambitions. The Venusian influence of the full moon in Libra encourages you to “stop and smell the roses”. This is a key time for when you’ve been too attached or tense. It may help to reassess and observe to gain healthy feelings about a certain relationship or attachment. This can help you envision a healthier relationship, publishing project, educational path, or belief system in the months ahead. On the 30th, the Solar Eclipse is in your sign. This is a powerful beginning. A clean slate, if you will, Taurus. You may work towards self-assurance. A reminder that you are in control, and the effects of this result in power, Taurus. Happy early birthday!



Your inquisitivity prevails this month, Gemini. Right now is a time of learning for you. Venus and Mars will be in your 11th house of public image. You are expanding on your many skills and talents, and solidifying your crafty image. This is a nice time for you to tap into your creativity, and take on new hobbies that can further expand your intelligent mind. The transiting sun in your eleventh house allows you to network optimistically. There is a lively, social air around you. A great time to take on group projects, Gemini.

As the sun moves into Taurus on the 19th, It is important that you take the time to reflect and nurture your fast paced mind. It is recommended that you take the time to slow down, and be present. Meditation would be beneficial. Retrograde Pluto on the 29th calls your attention towards routine. You must prioritize your routine, placing focus on your physical and mental health, ambitions, and all of your innermost needs. It calls you to focus on the areas that need editing. The Solar eclipse following places an emphasis on this. A great time to rest and retreat, Gemini.



Things are starting to pick up, Cancer! It may feel as though you are finally putting things into motion. The transiting sun in your tenth house of career. You are optimistic to share your goals and ideas. Tend to your ideas, as they will help you evolve your image. Dynamic energy is in the air, Cancer. You feel inspired and ready to make change. However, it is important to trust your intuition at this time, Cancer. Your intuitive nature allows you to play a decisive role in your career. Keep track of your connections, Cancer. Opportunities may appear suddenly or out of nowhere.

The full moon in Libra on the 16th calls on you to nurture those creative ideas. It is important that you tend to those ambitions. After all, a flower can’t grow without water. Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th, and you are called to pay attention to your community. Your network of people will come into sharper focus with this shift. A Solar Eclipse in Taurus occurs on the last day of the month, urging you to look internally. Make sure you’re attending to a healthy work-rest balance. Later this month will be a good time to recharge. Cancer, you’ll find more confidence in your path.



This month feels like a breath of fresh air, Leo. You may feel bolder, spontaneous, and excited than usual. You are working on opening your mind to new alternatives, ideas, and philosophies. Your stamina relies on your optimism. You may feel enthused by your special interests and creative efforts in the first part of April. Opportunities to change your routine are present. You may feel an urge to promote, expand, and share your ideas. Something is connecting you to a new audience. Mental rejuvenation is beneficial now. As the transiting sun parts from your ninth house, you may become more concerned with goals and responsibilities, as they affect your public image and attitude towards your goals. It is advised not to take on any more than you can handle.

Close relationships are vital to you. Needs and desires in the area of partnering are revealed. You thrive on the joy of others, Leo, and you are special to anyone who encounters you. Jupiter and Neptune meet in your house of intimacy. Connections can deepen. While you’re seeking out a little more adventure, your inner world requires much attention. In fact, there can be times this month where you focus on personal and/or private projects and research. A great time to focus on alone time.

Around the Full Moon on the 16th, you can be especially busy with your personal work. It is important to enjoy good news, and spend time with a special friend. Find some time to relax. Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th, allowing you to clearly see where you’ve been putting pressure on yourself or what you’ve been fixating on. Catch your breath Leo, the stars are proud of you. A Solar Eclipse occurs on the 30th, and it’s likely that you’ll come into the limelight. You’ll find others are noticing your actions. Balancing your outer and inner world is key right now, Leo. You got this!



Now is the time to stargaze, Virgo. Your finances may be a big theme this month. It is likely that you will reap the benefits of the hard work you’ve put in. Reminder: pace yourself. Sometimes, it’s easier to simplify things than add to them. Your focus on your social life may shift. There is an urge to connect with your ideas. Pulling yourself away from rigorous work may be beneficial. Relationships may be more of a prominent focus as well. Venus and Mars head into your partnership house, illuminating your relationships and emphasizing what you need from certain people.

Jupiter and Neptune are already in your seventh house, beautifully aligning. One-on-one connections are pretty important to you, and now is a time to express yourself to others. Compromise is  well-favored right now. As April advances, you may enjoy cooperating with others. Mercury on the 10th and the Sun on the 19th move into your ninth house, broadening your ideas. It is likely that you may feel more inspired than usual. Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th, and in the months ahead, you’ll be gaining a new perspective on what connects you to your environment. Power in self knowledge is important here. The Solar Eclipse on the 30th reinforces your urge to make your mark. Expanding your audience can come strongly in the months ahead.



This month is pivotal for your relationships, Libra. Your wants and needs are more clear. You are more aware of how the people around you tend to your needs. You may be able to negotiate with a new angle, as well. There is an urge to improve your routine and create structure. Paying attention to your routine is key, as it will further improve your physical and mental health, and work-life. The full moon in your sign on the 16th may allow you to have personal epiphanies, realizing what you need to do in order to put yourself first. Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th, calling attention towards matters related to security. The solar eclipse on the following day urges you to open your eyes towards intimate matters. Whether it’s a relationship with someone, yourself, or your passions and desires, you are called to nurture these things.



Your focus on your responsibilities will soon pay off, Scorpio. You are gaining intelligence, and may find that you are able to contribute plenty of knowledge to areas of work, responsibility, health, and matters at home. Because of this, you may be able to now focus on what truly stimulates you. Venus and Mars head into your house of joy on the 5th and 14th. Hobbies can be a strong focus now. You may be attracting positive people. Good time to focus on all things romantic, creative, and fun.

Jupiter and Neptune align in this house. A great time to monetize creative pursuits. The Full Moon on the 16th reminds you to pay special attention to your spiritual health, your home life, and all that is close and important to you. Pluto retrograde on the 29th is a great time for searching deep within for clarity. A Solar Eclipse on the following day may allow you to think about relationship lacks and needs, crafting new ways to go about how you want your true needs met in your relationships.This signifies a great time for self-expression through your contact with others.



Now is the time to focus on the fun, Sagittarius. You may be having some luck in your creative pursuits, romantic life, and all things fun. The new moon on April 1 may have inspired you to pursue new hobbies. Due to Venus and Mars in your house of communication, in harmony with your sign, you may be impressing others quite easily. The Sun and Mercury also get along with Sagittarius in your house of romance and creativity. Jupiter and Neptune meet in your 4th house of the home and private matters. There is a focus on improving your inner world. A great time to redecorate your space! You may especially desire positive change in your personal life. There is also a motivation to make something more comfortable or beautiful.

With Jupiter and Neptune aligning this month, you’re investing more of yourself and your dreams in your domestic life. In general, your faith in family and home life increases. The Full Moon in Libra on the 16th may open your heart to the need for genuine companionship. Unacknowledged feelings have the potential to emerge now. These emotions may be about someone, something, or can serve to rekindle an interest in a project you haven’t yet fully pursued. The solar eclipse on the 30th serves as a great time for improving daily routine, work, health, lifestyle changes, or even new opportunities. Sagittarius, a new direction will come, you just have let it happen. 



This month is pivotal for your motivation and energy, Capricorn. There is a desire for familiarity at this time. You are motivated and ready to make your personal life secure. The days following the new moon on April 1, are perfect for a domestic makeover. Creating new recipes, rearranging furniture, or a good conversation with your mom would be most beneficial at this time. As the month progresses, you’re far more lively. Venus and Mars move to your third house on the 5th and 14th. By learning and connecting, now is the time to take initiative. The urge to express yourself is strong. A great time to come up with ideas.

There is also a potential for new and improved connections with others. In April, your personal relationships may evolve. More involvement in your interests can boost your experiences. The Full Moon on the 16th can bring up themes of responsibility. When Mercury and the Sun enter your fifth house of joy, things start to speed up. This has potential to be one of most fun-loving and expressive periods of the year, maybe even romantic. Pay attention to how you express yourself at this time, Capricorn. A Solar Eclipse occurs in this same house on the 30th. New beginnings with how you enjoy and express yourself. You are likely to attract positive attention from others, especially romantically or creatively speaking. Use your voice, Capricorn!



Your already intellectual mind is at play, Aquarius. With the new moon being in your third house of communications, your mind is constantly expanding. It’s a great time to learn and ask questions. Mental stimulation keeps you on your toes, so this is a great time to perform mental exercise. There are still planets in your sign, so don’t be surprised if there are still some eyes on you.

Jupiter and Neptune meet together in your second house of materials and security. You’ll have more faith in how you make money, and where your opportunities are coming from. This is the best time to have an optimistic attitude towards your self-worth and/ or to your practical affairs. The Solar Eclipse on the 30th signifies a great time for family matters. It encourages you to look closely at your domestic situations, and make improvements if necessary. This is a great time for laying foundations for future goals. A pretty introspective time, Aquarius. 



If things feel a bit more serious right now, Pisces, the stars can explain it. While the sun just left your sign, it also sits in your second house of value and security. You may feel compelled to tend to your responsibilities. Following the New Moon on April 1, this week is good for you to take on new business ventures, invest, and focus on what you truly need. A time to be practical. Now is the time to focus on finances, as you may have an easier time with them now. When Venus and Mars move into your first house and align with Jupiter and Neptune later this month, it’s all about you, Pisces!

The planets sit in your first house, the house that represents you; don’t be surprised if energy levels are running high at this time! Eyes will be on you very soon Pisces. You will be in tune with your dreams and ideas, and may have a fortunate time bringing them to life. It won’t hurt to have a reality check, either. It’s important to find a balance between expectations and reality. When mercury and the sun move into your third house of communication, you may feel your confidence grow.