Bebe and Cece? No, BB and CC

By Brinley Knopf

BB? CC? All Greek to you, or maybe too much like abstract algebra? Not anymore. Here’s the review, the difference, your cosmetic guide. 

BB: Originally, once upon a time, meaning “blemish balm” alluding to any and all blemishes beyond breakouts; the BB now stands for “beauty balm.” In Asia, with SPF and antioxidants  for both sun protection and the almost-cover of foundation, the typical run-of-the-mill BB Cream is a thick product for the clear complexion criterion. In America, in any Walgreens drugstore or CVS pharmacy, a BB is lightweight; a sheer moisturizer with tint to cover your discrepancies and defects, not a stand-in for foundation, but rather for a lit-from-within light and flush. However, no matter where you hang your hat, the BB Cream you buy will usually boast and bolster SPF, shielding your skin from the sun.

CC: The cousin of BB, CC Cream is a derivative, a spinoff of the BB Cream. The CC meaning “color correcting,” these creams are for protection from UV rays and coverage for particular problems like redness, skin-evening, wrinkles and pimples. Often used as primers often which to paint your foundation, CC Cream is also concentrated on anti-aging and brightening; it’s layerable, light and is heaven-sent for those of us with dark spots, hyperpigmentation and general skin sadness. Wielding witch-like powers, a CC Cream will camouflage and cloak any defacement on your face (well, it’s not magic, but does have magical properties, amirite ladies) and is perfect for problem skin.

Which one should you use? That’s up to you to decide.

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