What We Know About Harry Styles’ New Album

The wait is almost over, Grammy award-winning artist Harry Styles has announced the debut of his third studio album, “Harry’s House.” 

 The pop sensation took to social media over the weekend to announce his long-awaited album. Harry will release the album on Friday, May 20.

Sure enough, on March 23, Harry Styles shared the exciting announcement along with an accompanying photo of the album cover. It shows Styles standing on the ceiling of an upside-down living room, looking rather pensive. He wears a simple and chic look of baggy flared jeans paired with a collared top. 

An elusive 40-second trailer for “Harry’s House” came alongside the announcement, in which Styles can be seen walking on a stage and smiling while a 2-D yellow house is lifted behind him.

The new album comes more than two years after the release of his second album “Fine Line.” It follows the massive success of the American-leg of his sold-out “Love on Tour.”

“Harry’s House” will feature 13 tracks. The lead single “As It Was” will be released on Friday, April 1.  

Styles once again took to twitter and Instagram for the announcement on March 28. He is wearing a sequined red ensemble facing down a long hallway in three alluring teaser photos. 

Fans have spotted promotional campaign posters in various major cities, and have been keeping an eye out for more.

 The posters show a black and white image in which Styles is sitting on a large inflatable-ball, while another purple poster has the lyrics “It’s not the same as it was.” 

His new single, “As it Was” is painstakingly heartbreaking, and upbeat at the same time.

Styles breaks down in a vulnerable yet discreet way. The lyrics to his new song, while quite personal, have a funky and beautifully catching synth-pop beat. 

Delving into something completely different than he has ever done before sonically, the new song features an 80s style exuberant vibe. Harry shares his struggle on being alone and sings about dealing with personal realization and change. The lyrics are some of his most unguarded feelings yet:  “Answer the phone/Harry you’re no good alone/Why are you sitting at home on the floor?/What kind of pills are you on?” 

The music video embodies the song’s personal struggle with change. It shows Styles and a partner going around in singles. Styles holds nothing back, giving fans an emotionally beautiful strip as he is under observation.

Fans have already come up with many speculations behind the lyrics. Could the words be a private insight of heartbreak and moving on from a relationship? Or could the song be about Styles’ journey in feeling entirely himself? The music video shows him moving on, and coming to terms with his current situation. The lyrics to the song are a realization: “You know, it’s not the same as it was.” 

The single has already broken records, rising to the top of the US iTunes charts in less than 2 hours from its release. It has also already become his most popular song on all streaming platforms, surpassing the Grammy winning song of the summer “Watermelon Sugar”. 

Styles has always been quite elusive and clever in promoting his work. He has been leaving clues for fans to find and piece together the new album. 

After being spotted filming a rather rambunctious project outside of Buckingham palace in late February, fans eagerly began to wonder if this meant Harry was dropping new music soon.

On March 18, a new discord account under the name “You Are Home” appeared to have ties to Harry and his new album. New Twitter and Instagram accounts popped up as well. The account tweeted, “You are home,” and has been tweeting out small messages of possible lyrics daily.

@YouAreHome on Twitter

A few days later a verified Instagram account under the same name appeared as well. The account only shares small snippets and visuals. It gives a possible glimpse into what we can expect from Harry’s new album.

@YouAreHome on Twitter

The youarehome.co website is just as discreet. When site visitors move their cursor, a door moves. The door contents change daily, and @youarehome posts each image to Instagram.

The images are quite diverse, and give fans a clue as to what to expect from the new album. The images include funky mushrooms, sunflowers, earth, and more.

In a recent interview with Hits Radio UK, the meaning between the album title was revealed. “The idea of calling the album Harry’s House is something I’ve had for a while,” said Harry Styles. “At first it was a specific geographical location but during the process of the album that became a much more internal journey of finding home and peace within oneself.” 

Whatever this new album has in store, fans are in for an unexpected and delightful new soundtrack for the summer.