What The Stars Are Saying About This Tough Time: A Tarot Reading For The Collective

Image by Emma Westbrook


For those of you who don’t know, I am a practicing Wiccan and intuitive tarot reader. My spirituality is deeply personal, and took years of research and experimentation to mold. I try my hardest to connect with and guide others who want to walk the magical path with me through my practice. My spirituality is a huge part of my daily life and in times like this, I absolutely depend on my faith to strengthen me. At this scary and unprecedented time, I wanted to take some space to reflect with you all through a spiritual lens.


With all that’s going on in the world, I have been doing a lot of divination work for the collective. This means gazing into the future through a vessel for the knowledge of the greater good. This month, while writing the monthly tarot-scope article for April, I felt called to combine all twelve of the cards I pulled into a reading for the collective. Here is that reading:


The Past (The past 1-3 weeks)

Cards pulled: The Queen of Pentacles, The Hermit, The Four of Wands.


The Queen of Pentacles tells us that  we were asked to connect with the realm of earth. We were asked to govern our homes, making them into sanctuaries. We were being called to engage in domestic activities such as cooking, cleaning, journaling.


The Hermit shows an inner reflection, looking in oneself for the guiding light. Connecting to solitude. Living more simply.


The Four of Wands speaks to the mentality of seeking the light at the end of the tunnel. In the past we were working with the energy of quarantine but always keeping the end in mind while doing so.


The Present (This week and next)

Cards pulled: The Four of Swords, The Two of Cups, The Knight of Cups crossed by Strength. 


The Four of Swords asks us to heal from rest. We are asked to be kind to ourselves and remember there is nothing that we need to do other than heal and rest.


The Two of Cups shows a sense of partnerships and relationships. We are growing closer to our community emotionally.

The Knight of Cups also shows a sense of warm feelings. The Knight encourages us to connect and share those feelings! We are less focused on the future. We are trying to make the most of the current situation, leading with empathy and compassion. All of these cards are crossed by Strength. This shows that we are discovering to stay strong we must connect. We must stick together during this time and heal the collective together. This is not a time to be selfish, and people are acknowledging that.


Continuing with the present, I pulled a card for the conscious and subconscious energy.


The conscious represents the overarching energy of what’s dominating our minds. The card shown here is The Moon. The moon represents confusion and lack of intuition. This makes complete sense, as we are truly living in the unknown. As we are being challenged to adjust to a difficult time, trusting and strengthening our connection allows for the ease of anxiety about the unknown.


The subconscious is underlying and what’s in the back of our minds. The card shown here is The Knight of Pentacles. This card is about taking careful and slow steps towards the future with a plan in mind. A lot of us are trying to put career projects in motion now so that when this is over we can achieve our bigger goals. This card encourages us to keep thinking of our goals and working hard. It also reminds us to exercise patience and allow our bodies and mind to move slowly.


The Future (The next 3-5 weeks)

Cards pulled: The Eight of Swords, The Wheel of Fortune, and finally The Three of Cups. 


The Eight of Swords represents the feeling of being trapped. It represents anxiety and fear. We may start to feel a little stir-crazy as we continue to live during the pandemic.


The Wheel of Fortune reminds us to release control. Unless you have a medical or political job during this time all we can do is wait for further advice and answers from those qualified to deal with these things. The Wheel of Fortune does suggest some unexpected changes and surprises. We might not know everything yet.


The Three of Cups is a card of love and reunions! I truly hope that this means we will physically be able to reunite with our loved ones. However if it does not mean that it means we will continue to thrive through connection with others and find ways to rejoice in the little gems of our days.


Advice Card

I have chosen to pull one additional card to advise us during this time. This card is The Six of Wands. Fortunately, this card represents victory! This means that we will be able to overcome this and we will be stronger, wiser, and better after it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we have to try to keep remembering that.