Volez, Voguez, Voyagez

We all know Louis Vuitton as the epitome of luxury. But do you know the history behind the name?

Louis Vuitton has recently opened an exhibition right here in good ol’ New York City. Elegantly titled “Volez, Vogues, Voyagez,” which translates into “Fly, Sail, Travel,” this exhibition details the history of Louis Vuitton himself, beginning from the founding of the brand in 1854 and ending in what the brand has contributed to fashion history in the present.

The “traveling exhibition” is presented at the American Stock Exchange Building. It opened on October 27th and will continue to be open to the public until January 7th, 2018. If you’re thinking, “I could never afford to see an exhibition about Louis Vuitton,” fear not! The exhibition is completely free, giving the public first-hand access to haute couture and rich history.

The exhibition is divided into ten chapters with each chapter taking you through the chronological history of the House of Louis Vuitton. Olivier Saillard, the exhibition’s curator, defines the showcase as “A chapter about motorcars, yachting, trains, [but] in the end this is the story of Louis Vuitton.”

It’s features include a grand selection of travel trunks, menswear, womenswear, and even perfumes. The exhibition, like the title suggests, has traveled the world making stops at Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul.

“Since the beginning of the story of Louis Vuitton himself, it is about travel, about bringing something with you in your trunk, in your bag, and this idea of travel is following the story of motion through trains, boats, planes, but also traveling in dreams, in art. That is for me, the soul of the brand,” says Saillard.

Unlike other exhibitions, this New York City exhibition includes a room specifically dedicated to celebrity style through the years. This special room features the most famous outfits, created by Louis Vuitton, worn on the red carpet, such as Alicia Vikander’s 2016 Oscars gown and Julianne Moore’s 2014 Cannes Film Festival gown.

Louis Vuitton never fails to go over the top. In addition to an amazing set-up of gowns and glamour, Louis Vuitton has come out with an app specifically for this New York City exhibition. Just type in “LV NYC VVV” into your app store and it’s the first result. This app allows users to take photos with filters inspired by each room of the LV exhibition, customize a travel trunk with iconic hotel labels, and so much more. So what are you waiting for?

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