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Out of date, or out for a date?

Looking back on the days of black-and-white television, post-war appliances, and poodle skirts, big hair has remained at the forefront of iconic beauty statements. From the likes of a 1960s Brigitte Bardot to a 1980s Madonna, hair styling had evolved immensely, with volume still remaining a major part of the equation.

Inside of this beauty editorial, we will be conjuring up a line up of fabulous throwback styles that can be sported in 2018. Enjoy an abundance of fun and flirty looks that can be recreated by anyone.


Hair: Welcome to the Beehive

Who would’ve thought that inspiration for a hairstyle could have come from a simple hat such as the fez? This hat was known for its anti-hat-hair superpower, and common adornments that resembled bumblebees. The 1960s beehive was created by stylist Margaret Vinci Heldt of Chicago when a beauty magazine inquired that she create a groundbreaking new look. The beehive would eventually shake things up for modern women who were becoming bored with the 1950s bouffant. A frequent wearer of the trend, Brigitte Bardot was perhaps the ultimate queen of the hive, sporting many creative variations of the ’do.

Get that look:

Luckily for us, achieving this look is as easy as buzz, buzz, buzz. With the help of your nifty Bumpit and some teasing, layering, tucking and pinning, your hair will be the pollination stopper of the season.

Makeup: Get Twiggy With It

She went from being Lesley Hornby the salon assistant to Twiggy the celebrity. At the ripe age of 16, this new face became an immediate sensation in the international fashion scene. Hairstylist Nigel Davies was responsible for Lesley’s ultra-mod transformation, which consisted of her now signature boyish haircut, a lashy wide-eyed gaze, and the nickname Twiggy.

Credited for being one of the world’s first and most memorable supermodels, Twiggy was able to stay relevant for decades. She reached the height of her fame when named “The Face of ’66,” by Daily Express and woman of the year soon afterwards. Twiggy was then, and is still now, a force to be reckoned with.

Get that look:

Your secret ingredients to this look include winged eyeliner on the upper lash line, parallel shadow creasing, drawn eyelashes on the lower lash line, excess mascara and false lashes. If you’ve got freckles, let them shine through. Twiggy is best known for her youthful complexion, of which can be imitated by a hardly there foundation application and light pink blush. A modest lip gloss will also complement this look, best.


Hair: Farrah’s Hair-rah


She was a “Charlie’s Angel” and all-American girl. Farrah (originally spelled Ferrah) Fawcett stumbled into the public eye while she was still in college. When a prominent publicist asked her to model in California, she left her studies behind. When she began acting, everyone fell in love with her blonde locks and feathery ’do, leading to the creation of her own shampoo line.

Get that look:

A thick head of hair, chock-full of layers, is the perfect candidate for this hairstyle. By strategically waving a bulk of strands outwards and framing the center of the face, you too can be a Charlie’s Angel.

Makeup: Cloudy Eyes


During much of the ’70s, makeup lovers became enamored with the idea of large, soft eyes. Doe eyes were the beauty ideal, a look associated with perceived innocence. By incorporating pastel pigments beyond the eyelids, many women sought to embody the celebrity look of the decade.

Get that look:

This look can be achieved by using a cerulean cream shadow, and lightly blending it out from corner to corner, lash line to brow bone. By adding white eyeliner to the waterline, the eyes appear to be brighter, and therefore more awake. To give off the appearance of a sun-kissed glow, bronzer was heavily applied with a frosted pink lip pairing.


Hair: Sidewalk Talk

When It Girl Madonna Louise Ciccone earned her stripes as a legitimate performer, the music business was predominantly run by men. She shocked the world with her carefree candor and rock-grunge appearance. Madonna pushed the many boundaries of music, fashion, and behavior by being an unapologetically sexual woman. Hear her roar!

Get that look:

Walk like Madonna with a ’do that does all the talking. The key to this rebellious mane is to blow dry from multiple directions, creating volume. By teasing multiple layers of the hair and shaking it out, you’ll ensure that the height is there to stay. You can use a hair straightener to crimp pieces of hair for a more edgy effect.

Makeup: Girl Gone Rouge


The ’80s was a decade full of controversy, empowerment, and boss ladies. Women were taking over the workforce by storm, giving birth to the infamous, football player–styled power suit. Were the shoulder pads necessary to the function of the outfit? Probably not. However, as Iris Apfel would say, “More is more and less is a bore.” Perhaps this is why women took on an even more bold approach toward the application of makeup. Darker, more intense eyes and lips were a favorite of the time.

Get that look:

The easiest way to recreate a smoky eye is by splitting the steps into two. You can start by applying a neutral base color to your lid with a fluffy shadow brush, then working a darker color along the lash line, with an eyeliner brush. Blending is key, so it’s recommended to use the same fluffy brush to clean up any harsh lines. A strong contour will complement this look best, with an arched eyebrow and berry-toned lip.

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