Tyler the Creator’s Expansion Into Beauty

With the release of his new nail polish line, Tyler the Creator continues to do what he does best: create. His brand, Golf le Fleur* incorporates a range of lifestyle products including, perfume, luggage, hair accessories, eyewear, apparel, and now, a nail polish line. The brand is as quirky and imaginative as Tyler the Creator himself. Golf le Fleur* represents luxury in the form of happiness; the greatest luxury of life. 

Tyler the Creator joins the list of Harry Styles, MGK, and other male celebrities who have recently created nail polish lines. As it became increasingly popular for these celebrities to incorporate colored nails into their style, nail polish became genderless. After all, why was it a gendered product in the first place? And the popularity of nail polish has only increased as the number of male-owned nail polish brands has multiplied. As Tyler the Creator secures a place for himself in the beauty industry, he assures fans that he isn’t just keeping up with the trends. In an interview with Allure, he says, “I don’t like to say I’m getting into the beauty world. I like perfume, so I said, ‘Oh, I’m going to make one!’ I like to wear glitter nail polish a lot, so I wanted to make a few colors that I rarely get to see. That’s all it is. It is less wanting in on beauty world and more, ‘Oh, I want to try my hand at this.’” 

And, it’s safe to say that consumers are happy that he decided to try it out. The three-piece nail polish line sold out after its release in early December. The line features “Georgia Peach”, “Geneva Blue”, and “Glitter”. “Georgia Peach” is a faded pastel orange and “Geneva Blue” is a soft baby blue; both of which follow Tyler the Creator’s signature pastel-colored style. “Glitter” represents the color that the creator himself felt most comfortable wearing because the glitter coat is not obvious to the eye and the polish allows for a more subtle effect. The fun and lighthearted colors along with the more subtle glitter polish create a product that every consumer can enjoy. Each nail polish is packaged in a small glass bottle that features a rough angel and a signature FLEUR* whimsical flower top. The nail polish is described on the Golf le Fleur* website as “A long-lasting solid gloss finish nail polish with our patented FLEUR* cap. Our nail polishes are 13-free, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.” The price options for the polish are $55 for the set of three and $20 for each individual polish and they are all available on the Golf le Fleur* website.  

Not only can you wear the same nail polish as Tyler the Creator, but you can smell like him too. And if you’ve ever wondered what the EARFQUAKE singer smells like, it can be described as “The smell of damp jasmine petals sails in the air, while hints of mandarin and magnolia amplify luminous sandalwood.” Now imagine this smell lingering in the air as the 6 foot something musician breezes by you; it might just make you swoon. And, if the perfume, entitled FRENCH WALTZ, smells as dreamy as it sounds, we definitely want to try it out. On the Golf le Fleur* website, the perfume is described with imagery that only Tyler the Creator could bring to life. The website states that “FRENCH WALTZ is dozing off in the garden, using the sun as a towel to dry off the leftover beads of lake water.” This feel-good summer vibe pairs perfectly with the vibrant colors of the Golf le Fleur* nail polish set. The perfume comes in three different sizes (100 ml, 50 ml, and 10 ml), two of which had the FLEUR* flower cap. The prices range from $200 for the 100 ml bottle to $40 for the 10 ml bottle. All sizing options are available on the Golf le Fleur* website. 

Perhaps one of the most imaginative elements of the release of these products for the Golf le Fleur* brand was the popup shop they were showcased in. If this pop-up represents how the artist sees the world, his vision must be filled with pastel colors, round and soft edges, and flowers. The pop-up transformed a mountain-top in Malibu into something out of a Wes Anderson film. The apparel, accessories, and beauty products of the brand are featured inside the cotton candy blue houses defined by round edges, big oval windows, and the signature FLEUR* flower on the outside. When asked by Allure why it was so important for Tyler the Creator to have these products featured in a pop-up the artist stated, “I’m more of a painter than a poet. I’m super visual, that’s just how I get any of my points across. I’m so sick of the fucking internet, dog. I wanted my items – the sweater, perfume. I needed everything to live in its church and its world. I [needed everything to be in a certain] building, on this rack, in a specific location. I wanted a certain smell in the air, a certain song playing. I wanted my customers to get to the place in a certain way.” 

Tyler the Creator’s world comes to life on top of this mountain in Malibu. A world where luxury means happiness and everything comes in pastel. With the Golf le Fleur* brand, Tyler the Creator is able to bring to life a whimsical vision that can be shared with everyone. This look into Tyler the Creator’s world leaves us excited to see what the artist will create next.