Trend Alert: Fall Fashion Hairstyles

By Yerellys Michel

Bobs Are the New Sexy


Bobs are a never ending trend that will continue to the end of time. They vary from a blunt or choppy cut, which adds texture to one’s hair. Blunt bobs have a more sophisticated/polished vibe. While a choppy bob gives off a more laid back effortless look, which is perfect for girls that don’t care, but still have a hint of sexiness.

More than Just a Ponytail


Everyone is accustomed to the traditional ponytail. It’s a staple. Almost everyone carries a rubber band on their wrist, but the normal ponytail doesn’t satisfy one’s craving anymore. Braids are added to the mix for a more sporty-casual look, while high ponies gives you sophisticated vibe as  shown in the above image from previous Balmain Shows. If you aren’t into the braiding your hair, you can also twist or use the half knot, which combines a bun and a ponytail together.

Buns on Buns


So just like the ponytail, buns are a staple. And people are getting more creative with the style each day. Do you remember the “Mini Mouse” hairstyle that came out while you were in high school or college? Well now that the  bow has evolved to two top buns as  shown on Instagram and YouTube blogger, Itsmyrayeraye. The TopKnot is still going strong. If you have a more daring personality, then try  Rihanna’s  hairstyle which is bound to start a conversation.



Wet and sexy. Slicked back hair is the way to go when your hairstyle routine starts to turn boring. If your outfit is on the next level, this hairstyle is the perfect added fix to keep it in the spotlight. If you have a strong bone structure or beautiful eyes, please do all of us a favor and wear it slicked back.

Bang it out


If you’re in the mood for a new look and don’t want to commit to the full chop then add a side or front bang. Bangs instantly change one’s hair and appearance. You can never go wrong with either short or long hair, you’re bound to look amazing.

Sleek and Straight


The sleek center front is nothing new, but the Kardashian family has made it a fan favorite. Everyone who is trying to achieve the trending look knows that they need a center part. It gives you that chic, effortless and polished vibe.




Braids, braids and more braids. You can never go wrong with them. This is a street style staple in the urban community that has its way up to the upper class and social lights. Add rings and beads to the style for a personal touch.

Be Jeweled


Time to toss out your old accesories and hit the boutique in search for a statement piece that will elevate your outfit to next level. There’s a head piece for every girl and for every taste.



Waves add volume and texture to hair like no other hair style. There are all types of waves from tight, big waves to beach waves. Size of the waves should vary based on different types of events such as meetings or parties. It can also depend on personal preference.

Slick Wave


Finger waves are super easy for girls with short and natural hair. This hairstyle can last a couple of days and perfect for runnig late in the morning. 



Everyone is going natural nowadays. No one should feel ashamed by their natural hair texture, but embrace it no matter what style. Even though going natural might be harder work, if you find the right products, natural will be your new best friend. 

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