Top 5 Restaurant Instagrams

  1.    Taiyaki NYC

Taiyako NYC is better known as the place to get the “fish ice cream” and it was also the first Taiyaki ice cream shop in New York City. The reason they are ranked #1 in my book (if you can’t already see) is because of the sheer creativity that is displayed in every post. I swear they must have an actual team or social media manager that works on this every day in the store. Each picture is taken to convey and promote a different flavor of the style of product in a way that is “repostable.” It creates “food porn” and “food envy” which is an amazing marketing tactic to drive people to a destination JUST to try something they saw online. It’s breathtaking, genius and the reason I’ll be stopping by this week. #notsponse

  1.    By Chloe

🍋 #MaurizioDiLorio

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By Chloe is a vegan restaurant chain founded by Chloe herself, Chloe Coscarelli, that has now taken over NYC and expanded west to California. By Chloe has an obviously different strategy to their social media presence and that is to build a brand, not the food. There is almost nothing on the restaurant’s IG page to even allude to the fact that they are in the food industry except for their name “eatchloe.” But in doing this, they have created some cool, unique and eye-catching images that all go along with a very distinct theme. I have to respect their dedication and innovation by giving them the #2 spot.

  1.    Cha Cha Matcha

Matcha + Coffee…. but soft serve…. for a very limited time only 🌴🌴🌴

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Number three, Cha Cha Matcha. Ahh, just saying that name puts you in a good mood. Creating a happy mood is the goal of CCM’s physical store and their IG page. The bright pops of pink and green come together in somehow both a girly and a healthy way. The Cha Cha Matcha mix is earthy, natural and refreshing just like matcha itself. What’s even more impressive? Cha Cha Matcha’s use of their Instagram stories as a sort of mood board for their brand where they display non-food related images that fit tonally into the Cha Cha Matcha brand theme.

  1.    Maman NYC

Maman’s Instagram aesthetic just screams rainy day nestled inside a quite shop in a busy city. And that is EXACTLY the vibe you get when you visit one of Maman’s locations. Maman Tribeca especially is one of my favorite café/bistros in the city, famous for their antique reworked couch eating lounge that fronts their shop and their array of Parisian inspired delicacies. The tone of their Instagram is heavily blue and grey with some pictures featured in black and white, which is uncommon for food Instagrams that usually go with louder themes to draw people’s attention. Overall Maman is delicate, fresh and inviting: everything a café should be.

  1.    Pheasant NYC

Wild grapes on the side of the road #nofo #cheeseboard

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The first thing that stuck out to me about Pheasant’s Instagram page was their tendency to post just a single piece of food: not a whole mea;. Just one very “thicck” poblano sausage or one extremely beautiful “egg rose.” They showcase very hearty and heavy food in a delicate way that makes their dishes feel inviting, very easy to eat and extremely high-end. They have also done a great job of keeping the saturation and deep blues and greens of their theme consistent. All in all, a very deserving #5.

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