Time Travel into Your Closet

What decade are you? Take our quiz to find the era that best represents your fashion personality!

Question 1: What color makes the most appearances in your closet?

A. Purple

B. Red

C. Green

D. Anything neon

E. Yellow

Question 2: Thoughts on print?

A. Absolutely never

B. Only if it’s tie-dye

C. The occasional floral

D. Does a graphic tee count?

E. It’s the only thing I wear!

Question 3: You’re leaving the house—what do you reach for?

A. A hat. I’m having a bad hair day!

B. I’m good as long as I’ve got my sunnies.

C. Sweater

D. Can’t leave without my scrunchie!

E. Bandana

Question 4: What’s your go-to statement piece?

A. Red lips

B. Fur coat

C. Platforms

D. Bold earrings

E. Is my flannel a statement?

Question 5: Most favorable fabric?

A. 100% cotton

B. Cashmere

C. Velvet

D. Silk

E. Denim

Question 6: Shoe of choice for the day?

A. Flats

B. Kitten Heels

C. Sandals

D. Adidas

E. My worn-in Docs

Question 7: You passed a display window and rushed inside immediately. What did you purchase?

A. Handbag

B. Short skirt

C. Anything flare

D. Fanny pack

E. Whatever looks more comfortable than what I’m already in!



If you chose mostly A’s:

You’re a ’50s Pinup with Her Chin Up!

You’re the ginchiest (which means “the coolest” in modern-day translation)! You love the classy and simple elegance of fashion handled with the confidence of a queen. Enjoying solid colors and clean lines doesn’t stop you from strutting the streets in heels. If only we could all be so poised and sophisticated! Your style icon is Elizabeth Taylor!

If you chose mostly B’s:

You’re a ’60s Groovy Guru!

Can you dig it? We sure can! Self-expression is everything. You’re not afraid to rock bright, lively colors with a multitude of mixed patterns. It’s important to stay fearless when it comes to fashion as you continue to inspire others with your bold, rebellious style choices. Your style icon is Jacqueline Kennedy!

If you chose mostly C’s:

Your look is Crazy Copasetic ’70s!

You’re a blazin’ bunny! Both beautiful and down to earth, what more could anyone want to be? This brick-house babe dresses to embrace self-love and inner beauty. You enjoy the fun shapes of fashion and are always looking good whether that be morning, day, or night. Your style icon is Farrah Fawcett!

If you chose mostly D’s:

Hello, ’80s Bombdiggity Babe!

Everyone’s gonna need a chill pill when you pass by because your style is totally tubular! Just like in the ’80s, you’re always sporting statement accessories, whether that be the infamous and trusty fanny pack or the worn-in slogan tees. Ready to go at anytime in sick sneakers, you take life by storm! Your style icon is Madonna!

If you chose mostly E’s:

You Go, Girl: You’re so ’90s!  

Duhhh, everyone knows you got it going on when this fashionista dresses day to day. You’re all about making comfortability look right off the runway. It’s totally common to be found in bold, geometric patterns one day, and all relaxed in your Doc Martens the next. You give off total  grunge vibes and we are all here for it! Your style icon is Janet Jackson!

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