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By Taylor Bushey 

Get ready and make space in your loaded phone, because trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed. Project September, an app that launched back in April, is starting to grow in popularity and could very well be the next fashion Instagram.

By blending unique pictures and some of the latest trends, this app is bringing you an engaging experience of following your favorite bloggers, finding out what brands they’re wearing and taking the opportunity to purchase a few of their looks. As described, it’s almost like a virtual shopping magazine.

Chief Executive Officer Alexis Maybank, expresses her frustration before the creation of her app. In her press release she said, “Until now, I had to search blindly for items that caught my eye on social media, often never discovering where I can make my purchases online.” Now with her team, she has eliminated any gaps someone might experience when online shopping.

Alexis Hdsht 2007

Downloading the app is free and easy to navigate. Once an account is created, it makes suggestions on which accounts to follow and you can also search for specific ones. The feed is set up with images next to each other and once one of them is tapped, there are a few bright green dots next to items in the picture for sale.

After using my account for a few days, I can safely say that it is an addicting form of shopping. Everything you like and follow are tailored to your individual style. And if you like something, but can’t make the purchase right away, like the picture and it will be saved to your account for future reference. This a great feature when I consider my taste in style does not match my budget.


Overall this app on a scale from 1-5 should be rated a 4. It’s a fun new social media that has plenty of room for more growth and expansion. There are already several new possibilities that can be added to the bright idea.

To improve the existing styles within the app, Maybank has also gathered a few team members from the fashion industry to help in this growing business. Fashion icons such as Nina Garcia, Nicole Richie and Blake Scott are only a few among many giving style advice.

Not only does this app allow for the user to be a shopper, but also a fashion influencer posting their own content from either an already existing Instagram account or personal photos. This is a great outlet for someone wanting to expand their following in the fashion industry whether a blogger or upcoming designer.


I can speak from experience as I am a blogger trying to gain inspiration and new outlets to grow. It’s a new and unique way to stand out — something that many admire in a saturated industry.

Below is a follow-up interview

  1. What was some of the inspiration behind the design and navigation tools within the app?
    1. We were very inspired by the layout of Glossy Magazine and wanted to focus on highlighting beautiful imagery. To do this, we incorporated minimal copy and buy buttons that seem to get in the way on other platforms.
  1. What is the meaning behind the name of the app?
    1. Project September is named for the start of the fashion calendar. Any magazine’s most coveted pages are within the September issue, and key fashion weeks take place during this month in New York, Milan, Paris and London.
  1. How have users responded since its release?
    1. The feedback we have received from anyone ranging from top bloggers to everyday users has been fantastic. The platform focuses on the visual and really captures the essence of a beautiful magazine spread. We’ve gotten several positive responses on both the app’s innovation and dedication to editorial imagery.
  1. Which products have served to be bestsellers and which ones can be predicted to do well as we transition into the Fall season?
    1. So far, the most popular items have been eye-catching clothing, like dresses and rompers to fit the weather. As Fall approaches, we hope to focus on Back to School content, so students can browse the essentials they need as classes resume. Think backpacks, shoes, and dorm decor!
  1. What are some ways you see the app growing as it becomes more popular?
    1. One of the greatest ways I see the app evolving is by having all creative types as editors on the platform. We are hard at work expanding both our brand partnerships and the user database so that many different styles can be represented.
  1. Will the app only stick to fashion related items in the future or expand to other areas such as home décor?
    1. While the app is certainly very fashion and beauty heavy at the moment, our ultimate goal is to have a very diverse set of items available to buy, including food, home decor, and even in the future, travel experiences! We do already have a few interior & kitchen items ready for purchase, namely through Domino Magazine, and with Gilt City on the feed, users can even buy activities, such as a boxing lesson.
  1. What type of user will find the most benefit out of this app?
    1. There’s a variety of ways to benefit from Project September. The editor who is looking for an entrepreneurial experience can use our platform as a way to pioneer his or her looks and earn a commission from each sale. The user who is addicted to online shopping (we’ve all been there!) can entertain themselves for hours scrolling through our photos. Even someone who is lost about fashion can use Project September as a guideline for emerging trends. There are so many possibilities.
  1. How have the fashion influencers such as Nina Garcia and Nicole Richie contributed to the app’s success?
    1. Having advisors such as Nina Garcia and Nicole Richie work with us on Project September has allowed us to gain additional insight into the editorial world that our app fits into. They provide visual direction, guide us as we integrate at events such as Coachella or New York Fashion Week, and add a certain amount of excitement as top celebrities. It’s truly been a blessing being able to work with them!
  1. Are there ever any special promotions or sales that go on while users are shopping?
    1. As we continue to grow, this is definitely something users can look forward to in the future. We are hoping to have some Project September exclusive items featured on the app, as well as promotional discounts for our most loyal shoppers.
  1. By creating a product/service such as this one, how have you changed the game in the way that consumers shop?
    1. Project September is a seamless and beautifully designed platform with virtually no words. That’s all intentional to create a truly immersive shopping experience. Moreover, we provide an opportunity for users to earn commission from every item purchased through their feed, a feature not common on most other shopping forums. And unlike other social platforms, where only top influencers can earn from their posts, anyone can use Project September to earn commission from their content. It’s a great tool for both consumers and aspiring entrepreneurs.
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