TikTokers You Should Follow For Body Positivity

We can all admit that TikTok has kept us entertained throughout the pandemic with content ranging from dance challenges to fashion videos and much more. As someone who scrolls through this app at least once a day, it is important for me to follow creators who embody body positivity and confidence at a time like this as well as moving forward. 

These 10 Tiktokers are shaping the future of fashion, beauty, and creativity through their videos all while spreading body positivity. Not only are these influencers honest and relatable, but also truly inspiring. 



To start off my list, I have the queen of aesthetic videos and an older sister we all wish we had, Nabela. Her colorful videos showcasing her daily pockets of peace are truly joyful. Even on her toughest days, she sends uplifting and hopeful reminders to her followers. Her lifestyle videos, makeup tutorials, and home decor videos are always fun to watch. Nabela’s clothing line Zeba, a size-inclusive brand, is all about changing the sizing standard with the message, “you are more than a label.” The sizes varying from XS-4X are labeled “passionate, brave, inspiring, fearless, radiant, powerful, loved, and independent.”  



This fashion and filmmaking enthusiast is one of my favorite TikToker’s for style inspiration. Kimberly’s videos promoting all things slow fashion, thrifting, and body positivity have become a daily highlight on my for you page. Her confidence radiates through the phone screen and brightens my day. 



Jazzmyne is a stunning model who keeps my fyp fresh with behind the scenes from her photo shoots, her runway walks, and other lifestyle content. She is constantly advocating for plus size fashion with her trendy and eclectic outfit posts. 



A thrift enthusiast and fashion lover, Ariam, is another amazing TikToker who promotes self-love. Her confident videos of style, makeup, and dance challenges are affirming to watch.  



Denise, the founder of #stylenotsize, creates amazing fashion videos wearing matching outfits with her best friend. Her TikTok is the perfect place for feminine style inspiration. The message behind her “style not size” campaign is the perfect example of what body positivity should look like. 



From fashion trends to outfit inspiration to shopping hauls- these two sisters, Marleen and Mayra, are always on top of it with their style content. Their videos aren’t limited to a specific style since they are always experimenting with their looks making them the perfect duo for everyone to follow. These creators are basically an aesthetic fashion board from Pinterest but in video form. 



At just 16 years old, Brooklynne, an amazing aspiring makeup artist, is fighting off internet trolls with her body-positive dance videos. In one of her recent videos, she claps back at a negative comment by saying “I want every person watching my videos to know that THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter their body shape”. She is a truly inspirational icon with amazing messages for all her audience. Brooklynne is also known for starting a very popular trend where she acts out as a princess and sings along to songs that are later duetted by other diverse creators wearing their princess outfits. 



This TikTok queen is all about body positivity and the ultimate internet hype woman we all need. She is confident, stylish, and inspirational. Anytime I feel down, her content cheers me up because she is all about self-love and “normalizing normal bodies” as she would put it. 



If you love watching uplifting dance videos then this creative is the perfect one to follow. This stunning plus size dancer will make you want to join her for a dance session with her confident TikTok videos advocating self-love and body diversity in the dance community. 



Lastly, this indie style icon from California is another one of my favorite fashion TikTokers who is all about body positivity. She is basically a real-life Euphoria character with her colorful outfits and makeup looks. Her videos inspire me to add more color to my own wardrobe.