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Gwen Stefani Announces Beauty Line

A 90’s beauty icon in her own right, Gwen Stefani is launching her own beauty line. Gwen recently applied to trademark P8NT (pronounced paint) for her own color cosmetics line. The brand portfolio will include nail polish, lipstick, eyeliner and even hair colors. Aside from uncovering the trademark, there is no released info about a launch date as of yet, but given Gwen’s track record of iconic beauty looks, when the brand is ready to launch it’s sure wow us all.

Fenty Beauty Launches Body Glitter for Summer

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Fenty Beauty just teased what they have in store for summer, and not only is it glittery, shimmering perfection, but it launches the brand into a whole new category – body. The collection (teased on Instagram by none other than Rihanna herself) includes 2 liquid body luminizers, a loose glitter body powder and a Kabuki brush made for the body. The liquid Body Lava luminizers come in “Who Needs Clothes?!”- a glistening peach gold, and “Bronze Glow”- a brown sugar shade. Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom is a rose gold shimmer body powder designed to dust all over the body. The full shimmering body collection launches on April 6th with a hefty price point ranging from $34 (for the Kabuki brush) to $59 (for Body Lava.)

Colourpop Expands Concealer Shade Range

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Colourpop has received criticism over the shade range of their concealers ever since the initial launch, so it’s about time the brand expand the shade range. The No Filter concealer shade selection has doubled from 15 shades to 30, including a white concealer shade (perfect for mixing) and a much more expansive deep shade range. This extension is a step in the right direction for Colourpop, and with a price point of $6 it’s only right that a variety of skin tones can find their matching shades.

Kim K Hosts Influencer Dinner

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To celebrate KKW’s collab with her makeup artist Mario, Kim threw a dinner party filled with beauty influencers. All of the guests showed up to the Waldorf Beverly Hills in matching blue eyeshadow created from the shade Libra in the KKW x Mario palette. After the dinner, guests like MannyMUA, Patrick Star, Desi Perkins and Chrisspy took photo booth pictures with Kim, showcasing their blue eye looks on Instagram. Throughout the event, Kim continued to tell the influencers that they inspire her to do what she does in the beauty community and it’s because of them that she felt like she could have a place in beauty, too.

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