The Latest TikTok Hair Trends and If You Should Try Them

Today I’m taking my circa-2013 “Cutegirlshairstyles” braiding skills to the test to find out whether just anyone can succeed at Tik Tok’s biggest hair trends. 


From skincare to nails, makeup, and makeovers, we’ve seen it all on the beauty side of Tik Tok. Most recently has come the rise of Tik Tok hairstyles: trends, transformations, and somewhat impulsive hair decisions. Today I’ll be guiding you through the most popular hair trends on the platform and figuring out whether they really work or not. So let’s dig in…


The queen! @hairby_chrissy

Starting off we have Chrissy, otherwise known as “Hair by Chrissy” on social media. Chrissy runs her own Arizona based hair salon, Habit Salon. Her videos range from giant boho braids to long beachy curls, to dreamy before and afters on all your favorite influencers. My main question coming into this category was: are these styles wearable? Sure, they look beautiful on camera, but can just anyone walk down the street wearing a huge fluffy braid? 


I recruited my cousin to try out these hairstyles, and the results were beautiful! We tried out two of Chrissy’s most iconic looks: a larger pull-through braid and a side dutch braid. I was surprised to see that these were not too hard to accomplish and came together somewhat quickly. The first look, the pull-through braid looked a little more deflated than Chrissy’s, leading me to believe that she may have used some volumizing products along with the look, but nonetheless, I think that with a little more practice anyone could perfect this style. The second look, the dutch braid, turned out beautiful the first time around and I actually found that the “fluffing” technique really gave the braid a unique and boho look. Overall I think these styles are very achievable and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 


Images and styling by Adi Nimrodi

The Curly Girls!

There are hundreds of Tik Toks detailing how to turn over brushed and unshaped hair into the dream curls you always wanted. Most famously, we see products from Shea Moisture and Coconut Curls being used to wash, scrunch, and plop not-so-curly-hair into shiny coils. So does this really work? I decided to take on the curly hair challenge with my wavy hair and a college-friendly budget; only purchasing two of the infamous products. After (1) washing my hair with the Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner, (2) brushing only in the shower, (3) scrunching my hair, and (4) swapping my normal hair towel for a cotton t-shirt, my results were somewhat disappointing. Although my hair looked somewhat shinier and my waves a bit more defined, I did find that I probably could have gotten these results with any other product. That being said, I truly think that if you do not naturally have curly hair then these products and methods will not change your natural texture. However, if you are looking to repair damaged curls this method is definitely one to try, as it proves to create shiny and healthy-looking locks. 


Images and styling by Adi Nimrodi

The Impulse Cut…

Although I will probably skip out on cutting my own bangs this time (we all know we’ve been there before), this article can’t be complete without mentioning the rise of quarantine induced at-home haircuts. We’ve all seen our fair share of DIY bangs, swim cap highlights, and dye job fails (some of which I don’t even have to try to know don’t work). Even though most of these videos lead to a disappointed duet by the Youtube hair king Brad Mondo, they are still very entertaining to watch. So next time you’re thinking about chopping a few inches for a Tik Tok, watch some videos by Brad Mondo on Youtube first and opt for the glowUP version instead (you’ll thank me after the pandemic is over).


Middle part or side part? 

Another Tik Tok debate… Tik Tok creator @ladygleep posted a now-viral video in July confidently stating that not “a single person looks better with a side part than they do a middle part”… sending nearly 13,000 creators on a frenzy to find out if they had been wearing their hair wrong this whole time. So what can you learn through these videos? Everyone is different! So since it’s somewhat impossible for me to test out the side part of every single person out there, next time you’re hanging out with your friends, make it an activity to mess around with your part lines and just maybe you’ll find the new hair look for you. 

So next time you find the energy to comb out your quarantine hair, try out one of these trends, and maybe you’ll like them!