The Five Best Bags for Your Spring OOTD’s

Springtime fashion is filled with bright yellows, florals, lace and of course, cute accessories. But… what will you accessorize with? Necklaces are typical, and bracelets are boring… but a cute bag will be sure to make your outfit pop. The top-five bags trending at the moment are basket, transparent material, crochet, bucket and lastly, and neon green. Here’s where to find the spring bags you need and the nudge to go buy them. 

The Basket BagZara Rafia body bag

Zara Round Raffia Crossbody Bag 

Who knew a woven basket bag could be so cute? Zara did! This bag is $35.99 and could make your outfit for a picnic in central park extra stylish. The size of it won’t be a hassle to carry around and it has a magnetic closure. You can style it with a cute floral dress and some sandals.


The Transparent BagYellow Trim Clear Event Bag (TRANSPARENT MATERIAL)

Express Yellow Trim Event Bag

This online, exclusive bag from Express, sold for for $39.90, is super cute and convenient. You will be sure to make a bold statement with the yellow trimming and clear vinyl. It is small and won’t be a hassle at the next big event you are attending – as long as you’re not carrying anything, like… weird.


The Crochet Bag

Soft Straw Tote Bag (CROCHET)

Urban Outfitters Soft Straw Tote Bag

On a trip to the beach house (or just want to be)? Urban Outfitters has you covered, and for only $34! This tote is super cute and perfect for all your daily essentials! You can practically keep your house in this bag… But be careful, it is delicate!


The Bucket BagSplit Leather Crossbody Bucket Bag (BUCKET)

Zara Split Leather Crossbody Bucket Bag 

This rust-colored crossbody bucket bag from Zara is adorable- and it is only $39.99. It is perfect for a day out shopping or a night out with friends! Wow, I am planning way too many outfits in my head with this bag right now…. 


The Neon Bag Fluorescent Animal print Cross Body Bag (NEON GREEN)

Zara Fluorescent Animal print Cross Body Bag 

Neon is back! It adds a colorful pop to your outfit and it always looks cute on your Instagram feed. This snakeskin, neon green bag from Zara (for $29.90) is trendy and cute for a night out. If you wear this with a black dress and some cute heels you’ll be ready to go out and serve some looks. 


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