The Best & Worst Trends of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, it is time to reminisce on the fashion victories and the faux pas.

This year had a lot of offer in fashion, we saw the effect that social media has played not only in our lives but in our closets. Whether it be Shia Laboeuf streetwear, memes (Balenciaga crocs, I’m talking to you) or the overall culture of fit pics, things have taken a hard left turn into the digital world. Let’s get on to the nitty gritty: Trends. We asked ourselves, how baggy is too baggy? Does this Off-White belt make my Fashion Nova outfit look chic? If I hate Supreme so much, why do I keep buying it?! Let’s break it down.

In true Millennial fashion, I took to Instagram to question my loyal following, what was the best and worst trends of 2018? Here’s what we came up with.

Best Trends

Oversized Clothing

Now this is a trend I can stand behind, besides its obvious functionality, oversized clothing is just another step in the unisex movement. Girls, guys, and everything in-between, can pretty much rock the same fit and look great. For a moment, it rid the sexualization of women, how refreshing! Billie Eilish being a testament to this, she looks so right in her 3XL fits. It’s effortless in a time where everything is over-exposed, the most chic thing you can be right now is low-key. Plus, layering.


Yet another trend that challenged women’s fashion ideals was women suiting. This trend caused some waves in the female empowerment movement. I mean, just look at Lady Gaga in her oversized Marc Jacobs pantsuit at the Elle Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration. If that didn’t encapsulate women in 2018, then I don’t know what does. 

Lady Gaga in suit
Chunky Shoes

Ah yes, chunky shoes, also known as the dad shoe. It challenged everything we thought about fashion; wait, ugly is fashion?! Nothing was off limits! As 2018 progressed, the shoe only got fatter, higher and uglier. It all began with an innocent chunky white FILA and somehow ended up on every high-end runway imaginable. Now that’s a glow-up. 

Balenciaga sneakers


Y2K was a bit of a niche trend that I, Nat, writing this article, am putting in best trends because I’m inside the niche that embraced it. You either loved or hated this. For some, the early 2000’s are not yet far away enough for it to be resurfaced, bringing back all the cringe memories of middle school. However, I’m a big fan of ironic fashion and this trend was perfection.


Neon ensembles were a nice change of pace from the minimalist trend. People were growing a bit too comfortable in their black, white and beige fits. It was time to spice it up! Now, Prada’s whole neon collection was definitely a statement. 

Prada neon trends

And now ladies and gents, The Worst Trends of 2018, Let’s try to keep this brief.

Here we go.

Worst Trends

The Tabi Boot (Controversial)

This is a huge topic of discussion in terms of whether this trend was good or bad, it’s totally in the eye of the beholder. What must be said is that the Tabi boot rarely has been knocked off. That says something, finally something mass market retailers haven’t butchered and ruined! 

Maison Margiela Tabi boot

Camo Pants

This trend is bothersome because fashion has turned articles of clothing that are a rather serious uniform into an “Insta baddie” must. This just seems so wrong. One can’t help but grimace at the fact that I’ve seen last names written on the inside of the waist from their rightfully owned previous owner. Also, if I see one more thicc girl squat pose on my TL, I’ll literally enlist. 

Camo pants
Off-White Belt

This was a bad one. There was one too many Off-White Belts incorporated into looks that were just too atrocious for me to not gag when I see one now. From being slapped on by every hype beast to fashion bloggers wearing it with high-waisted jeans and a blouse, it was abused to say the least. 

Off-White belt

Sad Boy

The “sad boy” became a trend in 2018 as led by some of this year’s greatest music artists. And as brought to my attention by real life sad boys, this trend was frustrating to say the least. In this social media era, depression seems to be something that everyone is dealing with in one way or another. Therefore everyone I suppose feels the right to labeling themselves as a “sad boy” because it’s hot right now. However, sad boys existed before Lil Peep and those sad boys are frankly sad about it. Quick shout out to my Day One Sad boys that aren’t a trend.

Fashion Nova (Is a Disease)

Fast fashion as a whole has received it’s fair share of beatings in 2018, and slowly but surely the mass market is becoming more informed about the importance of ethical fashion. Then, there was fashion nova. With an impeccable Digital Marketing Strategy they became every thicc girl’s go-to and although it may be cute and easy, it just sucks. From the style to the effect it has on the planet, Fashion Nova, please do less in 2019.

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