Thank U, Next (Thank You Letters to My Ex)

Thank U, Next album cover

Ariana Grande has been through a rough couple of years. Between broken relationships, the Manchester bombing, the PTSD that followed, crippling anxiety, the death of a beloved friend and now a broken engagement, most of the world expected Grande to take a break from music and retreat. But Grande did exactly what she knew best. She hit the studio and put that pain into a passionate place, creating music that can only be created out of heartache and the journey to claw oneself out of your sea of sadness. With her team of “Social House” writers and producers Kaydence, Victoria Monét, Tayla Parx, Tommy Brown, Scootie and Mikey, Grande has created magic in the form of a self-empowering breakup song masquerading as a diss track. “Thank U, Next” has become the world’s favorite breakup song seemingly overnight. The song has amassed a large span of awards from Spotify’s biggest single day for a female artist at 8.19M listens globally and 4.19M listens US, #1 on iTunes opening day, the #1 on the billboard Top 10 charts and finally making her the first artist in history to have all lead songs from debut albums in the top 10 earning her Billboard’s Woman of the Year. If anyone’s entire year can turn around in a day it’s definitely Grande. No wonder she’s has so much to thank her exes for.

While the song is catchy and empowering, it’s also stirred a conversation among fans and listeners alike that cannot get the catchy tune out of their head—are you thankful for your exes? Where was this song when I was going through my last breakup and what would I thank my ex for if I had the chance? I asked FIT students what they want to thank their exes for and these were their responses:


“For having an uncircumcised penis. Gave me street cred.”

“For helping me to grow as a person.”

“For showing me what I don’t want or need from a human, you useless piece of fiber and bone.”

“For making me learn how strong I really am.”

“For proving to me I deserve way better,  that he ain’t shit, and for the Gucci shoes.”

“For the memes.”

“For being horrible for 2 years until I realized it wasn’t his way of showing love.”

“For recognizing that you are being treated the way you let others treat you.”

“For teaching me to communicate and not bottle up my feelings.”

“For breaking me so badly that I learned all about self love.”

“For teaching me that self worth comes from your own spirit and never another person’s.”

“For teaching me that love is never lost, only gained.”

“For giving me free weed.”

“For wasting my time.”

“For helping me appreciate my current SO.”

“For making me a more open-minded person.”

“For helping me to grow as a person.”

“For the lessons learned.”

“For teaching me that I’m the most important thing in my life, and if I don’t prioritize myself, I’ll be miserable.”

For showing me how important it is to have a supportive partner and to never let someone hold me back the way that you did ever again.

“For giving me the dramatics of a relationship at a young age so I don’t fall for the bullshit later.”

“For all the lifelong memories I’ll remember from the first love.”

“For teaching me what an emotionally abusive relationship looks like so I can avoid it in the future.”

“For nothing.”

“For putting me on a good path.”

“For a fulfilling and heartwarming 2 years of memories.”

“For not being afraid to be goofy.”

“For moving away last summer.”

“For his willingness to learn more for the sake of me.”


“For all the good memories and laughter. Helping me figure out what I truly need in a relationship to be happy.”

“For teaching me that I shouldn’t be afraid to leave my comfort zone and go after what I truly want in life!”

“For making me realize that I’m important and I don’t need you.”

“For making me who I am now. Stronger, more independent and more loving to myself.”

“For teaching me to stand up for myself and realizing that people cannot read my mind. I have to ask for what I want.”

“For wasting my damn time.”

“For teaching me how to get comfortable with my own company.

“Thank you for being useless.”

“For showing me the things I really deserved by not being enough for me and letting me realize how strong I am by surviving you.”

“For the lessons.”

“For teaching me how to strong.”

What’s an ex?

“For showing me my worth.”

“For teaching me how to let go.”

“For helping me realize who I am: the baddest.”

“For teaching me to be okay with the periods of loneliness.”

“For reminding me to focus on myself first and foremost.”

“For teaching me it’s okay to be honest with my emotions.”

“For showing me what I don’t want in a man.”

“For teaching me how strong I am.”


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