Target Removes Some of Their Affordable Fashion Lines

Target is the holy grail of retail stores. There are so many different sections of merchandise that fit the price range for a majority of consumers. Target offers clothing, shoes, accessories, purses and makeup for women; but recently Target has decided to remove a few of those affordable fashion lines. The good news is that with the removal of those fashion lines creates a new path for twelve new fashion lines.

Two brands that will be leaving Target are Merona and Mossimo, but the twelve new fashion lines will include clothing, accessories and decor lines. Merona and Mossimo were two fashion lines that any woman could afford and still be stylish. Here are a few examples of the lines:

Mossimo Mini Flap Backpack
Merona Mule Pumps

However, one new collection that looks like it could be amazing and will provide some customers with relief is A New Day. Target states, “A New Day is about feeling confident investing in personal style; making a fashion statement whether at work or play; gaining access to beautifully designed, high-quality products that last season after season; current trends and reinvented classics.” Apparel and shoes will be launched in late August and jewelry and accessories launched in early September. Check out a sneak peek of their new collection:

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