I Still Don’t Care About LA

by Cassandra Gagnon

In a recent “study” conducted by real estate website Trulia, Los Angeles was deemed the most fashionable city in the United States, with New York City coming behind it in second place. It’s hard to even begin to comment on that, because LA is the Juicy Sweatsuit (before its recent Urban Outfitters comeback) and New York is the Oscar de la Renta Power Suit. It’s that simple.

Looking at Yelp as a research method is enough for me to discredit these claims, but it isn’t just that. The ranking is actually determined by number of fashion related businesses and “fashion conscious” households. So purely by having large numbers of shopping centers and manufacturing plants does the city “win” the supposed title.

More apt titles would be top fashion manufacturing spots, or maybe most income spent on fashion per household. Having industry doesn’t make you fashionable, and I think it’s this title that is offputting to me. LA is the land of Hollywood, entertainment, a city that has become so caricatured it is almost its own parody. Sure, in the early 2000s when Farmers Markets, the Olsen Twins, flip phones, and purse sized dogs were the height of cool, LA had it’s moment.

But not anymore. Tom Ford can host as many shows as he wants there, but really LA is good for the entertainment industry and fashion production. I mean, the only even vaguely well regarded school there is Lauren Conrad’s alma mater FIDM. You can claim any city, like most recently Nashville, is going to be, or is, the new fashion capital of America. But it’s not. And it will take more than some domestic factories to change that.


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