Spring is the Cure to Your OOTD Dilemmas

Hello, my name is Grace Peisker and this week I blossomed into my true form, just like the flowers on FIT’s campus.

Spring is here – tulips pop from the soil, pant legs get cropped, sleeves become short and the sunglasses that have been sitting on your dresser feel appropriate to wear again. This week, to celebrate my favorite season, I documented all of my outfits.

A prelude: winter brings out the worst. My skin is wrecked, I get bored from the indoors, my body begs for an amount of vitamin D that is simply unrealistic and all I want to do is lie under a pile of blankets forever and ever. Simply, I do not feel like myself. Relatable, anyone? In doing this week-long fashion test, I hope to feel happier, more productive, and better overall.

Feel free to peruse for style inspiration, or just to get in the spring spirit with my fashion experiment.


There is no such thing as spring without travel – I flew from Chicago (my home), back to NYC. The weather was 45 degrees and I dressed purely for comfort. It was also rainy.

Headband: Zara. I wear it like a security blanket.

Top and sweater: The Loft. Technically they are my mother’s…. Sorry mom.

Pants: Topshop.

Shoes: Marshalls.


It took some energy to put on cute clothes for my 9 a.m. Yet, here I am with polka-dot pants.

Top: Savers. I wear yellow to feel sunny, even though it’s as dreary as a Monday gets.

Blazer: H&M.

Pants: Zara.

Shoes: Nine West.


Mother nature gives me an overcast day. I try contrasting pastels.

Sweater: Topshop.

Top: H&M.

Pants: Yours truly! They are corduroy pants. In fact, keep your eyes on corduroy… Its versatility and trend-potential may surprise you.

Shoes: Vans.

Coat: Boohoo.


The sun finally shows and I’m feeling good. So far dressing nice has been kind of exhausting, but today I received positive feedback. Is spring a state of mind, rather than a season?

Top: It’s from my high school art class. Weird tee-shirts are so fun to wear.

Jacket: A hand-me-down from my friend’s rich grandma. Everyone should know a rich grandma.

Skirt: Ragstock.

Purse: Coach.

Earrings: A market in Harlem.

Shoes: Vans.


I stray from vibrant colors to try a neutral look.

Top: Thrifted from spring break in Tucson. I don’t know what this tee-shirt means, but it’s my favorite.

Pants: From the FIT flea market.

Jacket: Goodwill.

Shoes: Adidas.

Headband: Zara. Seriously, get one, it’s cute and a great look for when I’m stressed – a precaution against me tearing my hair out.


This was my favorite look of the week. I have a strong intuition that maxi skirts are going to make a comeback and I am HERE for IT.

Top: Savers.

Skirt: Goodwill.

Shoes: Nine West.


The week got progressively nicer, and by Saturday I felt like a ray of sunshine. Maybe it was the weather, but I also believe that taking time each day to pick out a nice outfit impacted my mood and confidence more than I could ever have predicted. If you’re still in a winter rut, or just need a pick-me-up, the real solution might just be in your own closet.

Top: Urban Outfitters.

Overalls: Belmont Army Thrift.

Blazer: Ralph Lauren, I found at the Goodwill on 25th.

Tights: Boohoo.

Sunglasses: A small cart at the 6th Ave. Market.

Shoes: Target.

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