Splat Midnight Collection Allows for Bleach-Free Hair Color

By Nicolette DeStefano


Splat Hair Color has a new product line called the Midnight Collection, specifically designed for people with darker hair who want to achieve rainbow hues without the damage. This semi-permanent formula uses micro-pigments as a replacement for peroxide. The formula also contains conditioning ingredients that keep hair shiny and soft for up to eight weeks after a dye job.

Over the past year, crazy hair colors have become the new norm. Rainbow-colored hair has given members of the population the ability to transform themselves temporarily and feel like whole new people. Vivid shades and hues give people the edge they’re looking for, allowing them to grow outside their comfort zones. Rainbow hair has become such a popular trend that it’s now spotted among those in the workplace, women over 65 and even hair in places other than the head.

Dying hair all colors of the rainbow may give you that bold statement you’re looking for, but until now, it often came with a price. To achieve the most vibrant colors, it was important to start with a blonde to white base. For natural blondes, this was not much of a setback because their hair is already a lighter shade. However, for brunettes to accomplish a light base, extreme amounts of peroxide were needed.

Bleach is not a very good decision when dealing with hair. It damages hair, leaving it extremely dry and thin — even causing it to fall out. Abusing bleach or peroxide eventually results in chemically fried hair. Once the hair has reached a severe chemically damaged state, it’s very hard to repair. Luckily for brunettes, Splat has now made it possible to achieve these luminous shades of colors without bleach.

Not only will hair remain healthy with the Midnight Collection, but the dye promises to last for up to eight solid weeks. The full transformation takes only 45 minutes to complete, which definitely beats those three hours at the hair salon.

Currently available at Target for $8.99, the new product line comes in three different shades called indigo, ruby and amethyst. Despite the limited color options, a full-color spectrum looks promising for the future. In other words, this fall just got more colorful.

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