So, Sexual Freedom…

By Michaela Del Viscovo

Gender is fluid. All bodies are beautiful. Accentuate and be proud of your flaws. Your sexuality doesn’t have to be defined.

Society has taken not leaps, but strides in regards to the above. People are themselves now more than ever before — we’re living in a progressive time that is wonderfully liberating.

The next topic society needs to tackle: sexual freedom. An incredibly broad topic but one that can be boiled down quickly if needed. At the core of it all, affirming sexual freedom is exercising your basic human right. You see, the thing is that many are quick to deem the concept of sexual freedom as “bad” and even disgusting in some cases. That’s because those aren’t understanding the issue we have at hand. We aren’t encouraging people to masturbate in the middle of the street. We’re encouraging every single individua -l- regardless of sexual preference, gender, age, body type or race — to feel comfortable expressing comments, milestones, concerns and the like with their bodies and anybody they willingly choose to share their bodies with. Key word: willingly. If you choose to sleep with multiple men and that’s what makes you feel fulfilled, then by all means do so. If that choice is not at your discretion, well, we’ll save that topic for later.

Repressing any sexual tendencies or desires to express is detrimental to someone’s growth, which is why emphasizing the freedom to explore is so important. Back in sex-ed, we were fed with information related to safe sex and STDs which is great, although school systems forgot to include some pretty vital info related to the exploratory end of the spectrum. But, let’s be honest, they definitely didn’t “forget.”


It’s important for people of any age, but especially millennials, to not feel ashamed to ask questions or experiment with any and all sexual tendencies they experience. Growing up is difficult for plenty of reasons- and reasons that aren’t as taboo anymore such as developing breasts or wearing makeup for the first time – yet real sex-talk not related to birth control or herpes is few and far between. Short story short, the “other” part of the sex talk is commonly skipped over during the birds and the bees convo.

Having a solid support system, whether that be friends, a website with forums, family, or colleagues that you can go to and talk about these things is absolutely crucial to feeling fulfilled with your sexual tendencies. There’s no need to be ashamed about not knowing how to masturbate for the first time, or exploring an unknown part of your body or even someone else’s. If you don’t know, then you have to learn, which is so, so, so fine. Successfully getting this point across to pre-teens and adolescents will make the roller-coaster of growing up in society today incredibly easier. Often the unknown is more frightening than what’s familiar.

Keep in mind, this also goes for so many other aspects of sexual freedom as the topic is pretty freakin’ inclusive. Have you watched 50 Shades of Gray? There’s an example of sexual freedom — decades ago that movie wouldn’t even be entertained to be put on the big screen. You bought a vibrator the other day? Same thing. You slept with two guys in one week? Whatever makes you happy. Sexual freedom is yet another area in which society has taken strides to be as all encompassing as possible, and we’re almost there. Whatever makes you feel in control and comfortable when it comes to sex is the motto we should stress. Let’s get rid of the boundaries and judgements about what’s right and wrong- we’re not talking legality here.
Whether the prevalence of the importance of sexual freedom is a result of society’s utter curiosity, or another form of acceptance for all is ambiguous — and quite frankly something that will probably never be answered. But, one thing for sure is that practicing sexual freedom will undoubtedly compel you to channel yourself and ultimately lead you to find your truest self. Your relationship with yourself is the deepest connection you’ll foster throughout your life. So, master your body — perhaps someone else’s if you so choose — and voice your opinions and concerns along the way. Hold no shame.

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