Sex on 27th: Self-Care Equals Self-Love

Sex on 27th is Blush’s newest column, dealing with all matters of the bedroom. From sexual wellness to bondage, columnist, Julia Suarez, is here to get real and answer all of your most ~burning~ questions.


Self-care and self-love are essential keys for a healthy, fulfilled life. Both mean taking the time to make ourselves feel good in our skins as well as accepting ourselves unapologetically. I find that it always helps to have a few go-to self-care treats. Valentine’s day may have passed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some extra care about your body and have some special love for yourself. I’m here to give you the ultimate guide to all those self-care and self-love needs.


Write in a Journal

Writing always clears my mind. Sometimes it’s a stream of consciousness, and on other days it may be in the form of a checklist. Even if it’s not a busy day, checking things off like waking up, making breakfast, doing laundry, etc. are, in the end, great things you’ve accomplished. They make you feel proud and good about yourself when you look at them at the end of the day. Realizing you have been productive is a great feeling.


Get Some Sunshine

Even though I’m writing this on a rainy day, it’s always important to get out and breathe in some fresh air. Getting out does not come with any definition,  it can be a walk in the park, a run by the waterside, or just going out with friends. 


Read a Book

If you’re not the writing type, grab your favorite book or a book you’ve been meaning to read for months and months but never find the time to. I personally enjoy reading psychology books that aren’t science-heavy because I learn things about myself as well as other people.


Clean Your Home

Your mental state links back to where you spend the most time and what state it’s in. Having a room filled with clutter isn’t very motivating or appealing. I always take one day out of the month to power clean my room and within that my mind. After I always feel clearer, more organized, and motivated to get stuff done.


Give Yourself a Spa Day

If you don’t want to spend money on a fancy spa, as we are all students and therefore broke, go and have a spa day with your girlfriends! Do your nails, grab your favorite face masks and massage each other’s backs and you’ll feel rejuvenated in no time!


Gift Yourself

I love receiving and giving flowers, and there’s no rule that you can’t buy yourself some! They add some brightness to my room, and at the end of the day, it’s such a little thing that reminds me to be kind to myself.

The same applies to lingerie. You don’t need a man to feel cute and sexy! You also don’t need to spend a lot of money on lingerie, Amazon has plenty at an affordable price (PS: be on the lookout for that article). My favorite thing is to have cute lingerie parties with friends every couple of months when we just stay in, watch movies, etc. 


Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself

On my most depressive days, when I don’t feel good about myself at all, I try to write down ten things I love about myself. It can be something general like; I love how I can always make people feel comfortable around me, even if we’ve just met, or it can also be something I accomplished that day. A cliché, but the truth, there is no one else in the world like you. You are unique. So take care of yourself!


Movie Night

Thank god for Netflix, so now I never have to leave the comfort of my own home to watch a movie or binge-watch my favorite TV series with a glass of Wolffer Estate. 


Decompress & De-stress

Healthily managing your stress can make the ultimate difference in maintaining a clean bill of health. And eventually, that can mean doing anything on this list or grabbing something a little more ~electric~; not just Valentine’s Day, but every day is a great excuse to prioritize your personal pleasure and invest in some new sex toys. It’s the best gift you can give yourself, whether you’re splurging on yourself or planning to present it to your boyfriend with a note on how you want to use it together (10/10 recommend doing this). I highly recommend the Ora, which is circular in shape and has a little nub under the silicone skin that moves in different patterns like a tongue to make it feel like oral sex. Add in some of your favorite water-based lube, and it’s even better. Another recommendation of mine would be the Wireless Remote Control Vibrator, which is made of silicone, uses a remote control, and has vibrations in three different spots: one for your clitoris, one for your labia, and one for your anus. Tuck it into a pair for panties and pass the remote to your partner under the table when one date, or lie back and DIY.