Sex on 27th: Museum of Sex ‘Super Funland’ Review

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As a writer of a sex column, I am ashamed to say I’ve never been to the Museum of Sex until very recently. I saw their current exhibit, “Super Funland: Journey Into the Erotic Carnival”. The show examines the sexual history of the carnival and sex exhibitionism.


SuperFunland | via


The first floor of the exhibit delves into the Stag Era, when porn film was introduced into the world. During this time, there were clubs and spaces where people could partake in sexual activity without being on film. And while these things were not openly disclosed, many people would attend. They showcased work with female-driven fantasies (thank you!), “exoticism” aka non-European women, and voyeurism. The relationship between porn and the socioeconomic climate was fascinating. Porn served as a form of escapism at this time, and still does today.


The second floor delves into the concept of the Cam Girl, exhibiting the first sexual video game, the first Mac, and the first cam girl. Look through the advances in sex toys , including Lush, the first Bluetooth vibrator that can be controlled from your phone and from 30 feet away. Highly recommended! *wink wink*


For all the fashion fans out there, take a look at the “Illegal Copyright Infringement Dress” by Lindsey Dye. “This dress features ‘Camgirl’ portraits that I, a fellow Webcam Model have amassed over time- a collection of screenshots which are at the same time stolen and also woven together in a united front. Here the supposed private interactions of pleasure are brought into public discourse through fashion- the act of public self-presentation. It is important to note that this garment cannot be legally sold or worn in public due to copyright protection.”


Lindsey Dye’s ‘Cam Girl’ dress | via


Ironic that a dress consisting of ‘public pleasure’ cannot be worn in public. Side-note: support sex workers!


Succeeding the film, is a tunnel with lights that makes for great IG pics. You also have access to play all 12+ games/installations. These include a 4-D immersive ‘Tunnel of Love’ ride, a biometric kissing booth that measures passion between partners with a chance to win prizes, and an erotic fortune-telling machine with an appearance by RuPaul. An elaborate climbing structure leads to a two-story slide that will empty you into the museum’s carnival bar.


Tunnel of Love | Image via

I don’t want to reveal too much, so you guys can experience it yourself, but the Museum of Sex is very much worth seeing! Not only does it revolve around my favorite topic, but it doesn’t involve just walking around looking at art, it’s interactive component made it worthwhile. Having a whole museum dedicated to sex, a still taboo topic, normalizes it by encouraging public enlightenment, discourse and engagement.

P.S don’t forget to grab free condoms on your way out!

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