Selena Gomez: New Face for Louis Vuitton’s Series 5 Campaign

By Stephanie Martinez

From Disney child star to rising fashion “it” girl, Selena Gomez has showed us that she’s leaving her cute image for a cooler and more sophisticated look. What better way to do that than a Louis Vuitton campaign?

Now it’s released that Gomez will be appear in the Series.5 campaign. And alongside Gomez, models Jean Campbell, Erika Linder, Natalie Westling, and Van Rompaey were photographed by Bruce Weber.


In a recent statement, Nicolas Ghesquière said, “Selena’s popularity is fascinating; she’s an icon for her generation. And yet there is a disarming sincerity and a true presence about her; she’s very direct and grounded.”

From sitting front row in LV fashion shows, to wearing a LV dress to the Met Gala this May and most recently sharing a Vogue Brazil cover with Ghesquière, it was no surprise that Gomez would make an appearance in the campaign. It also makes sense since her and Ghesquière have been good friends for two years.

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Gomez said that this adventure has been one to improve self-love. “Wearing Vuitton makes me feel strong and confident,” she said. “Nicolas knows how to make a woman feel good about herself.” With this new campaign, we’ll be anticipating what’s to come from the pop singer. Maybe even a runway debut?

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