Editor’s Picks: Nicole Schools us on Color

The best way to go back to school according to me? The answer is always: in color. This September specifically…neon, neon, neon.

This month I am choosing to amp my color selection up in saturation. I have been head over heels for bright monochromatic looks and vibrant statement pieces as well as smaller pops of color, such as a rainbow ring. I wore the Adina’s Jewels Rainbow Ring for the first time on the first day of my junior year with my Puma by Rihanna Varsity Tennis Dress and  it has been on my finger practically ever since. With the Adina’s Jewels 30% off Labor Day sale going on right now, I just might have to splurge on a couple more rainbow pieces.

Aside from adding more neon into my life through fashion, I have been doing just the same with home decor. Being that I am officially moved into my NYC apartment, I have been making a lot of trips to stores like ABC Carpet and Home. This multi-floored home decor and furniture store by Union Square Park has distinctly unique and artful items. While everything is pretty, it is also pretty pricey which obviously means my eyes were set on a lot more than my wallet. That is not to say I wouldn’t continue going back just for the aesthetic of the place.

Now let’s talk about nails. Fun fact is that my nails are the one thing that are never colorful. Instead, they are always painted with the maximum growth Sally Hansen polish to keep them looking fresh. This is because I believe that nail color can add to or deflect from an outfit…and I just don’t have the time to change my nail color everyday based on what I am wearing. The simple solution is to go clear…and repaint them once a week while watching the MTV show Are You The One. You can reapply coats during commercial break… or love triangle drama.

My last favorite of the month to discuss? Any EDM playlist. EZOO, or the Electric Zoo Music Festival, was this weekend and my excitement level has been at an all time high leading up to it. Martin Garrix, Kaskade, Alesso, Alan Walker… the hype is nothing less of real, the experience…SURREAL.

Oh, and Trop- I can’t forget about the OJ!

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