Save Money & the Planet: How to Make the Most of the Wardrobe App

Baby-faced and wide-eyed, two years ago, freshman I bought my first “splurge” designer piece. It was an Opening Ceremony dress that had caught my eye at Beacon’s Closet. It made me feel like a real fashion student- aww, how cute. But yet, as time passed, and the dress still remained unworn- because really, why does a freshman need a cocktail dress? But still, it was special, something I couldn’t simply give away. Until recently, when I tried out the newest sustainable clothing app, Wardrobe.

As the fashion industry cries for sustainability, Wardrobe has entered at just the right time. Wardrobe creates a community of fashionable, New York women and their love for unique clothing. Women can lend and rent clothing from their closets for great prices while minimizing, even negating the environmental cost of buying something new from the racks. Wardrobe graciously hosts free photo shoots for lenders to display their pieces. They also provide wardrobe “hubs,” so, when the time comes to send a piece, you can drop it off at a participating, eco-friendly dry cleaner, and they do the rest. Other perks include the opportunity to network, and of course, the ability to make easy money. I’m using the cash from my rental to see Avengers End Game.

It felt amazing to be to give a certain Opening Ceremony dress a new home, even temporarily. After renting two phenomenal pieces, I decided to try out Wardrobe from the perspective of the lender, which was surprisingly just as fun.

I think I’ll shamelessly plug myself here: @grace.peisker

In my chat with Adarsh Alphons, founder of Wardrobe, he gave me tips on how to lend. Since I care and love all of my Blush readers, yes, I will share them with you, you’re welcome.

  • When setting up your Wardrobe profile, add your Instagram handle. Ideally, it should be public so that users can search for you via Instagram. Both apps work to help you build up a following.
  • Juice up your profile, so people can get to know you and your style.
  • Upload as many items as possible! The more options you have, the more the renter has to pick. Wardrobe’s free studio photoshoots are a great way to take pictures of everything.
  • Write an anecdote in the description section of your items. If you wore that blouse vacationing in Cabo, do tell! That blouse will exude Cabo mentality, something every New Yorker needs.
  • Make rental prices accessible and cheap. If the items get rented frequently, feel free to increase the weekly rate.6. Take pictures of your clothes on yourself with steady lighting. Again, either go to Wardrobe’s free photo shoots or have a friend help take some pictures. Give us a lifestyle shot! An up-close and personal! Live your editorial dreams.
  • For more followers, show your wardrobe to Instagram, your friends, your blog, the Greek gods, the moon… let everyone know that yes, they can look as good as you!
  • Follow other wardrobes on the platform. As I said, it’s a great way to network with other women and fashion folk.
  • Do what I did and rent a piece or two from another closet to understand both sides.
  • Choose only the most unique pieces in your closet to lend. Wardrobe has a no-fast-fashion policy, so dig deep and find your dearest vintage pieces, high-end finds, and everything in-between.

The future of fashion is rental. While the planet faces imminent climate doom (not to bring down the mood or anything), any change in the way we live is applause-worthy. I also find it quite beautiful in the way these small changes affect something much, much bigger. Renting clothing on Wardrobe is like recycling your plastics, or cutting down on red meat. And finally, there is community and solidarity in the changes we make, as New Yorkers and humans. And yes, Wardrobe is proof.

Download it free on the App Store, and follow their Instagram, @wear.wardrobe!