Runway27 Collabs with Bloomingdales for #MixMasters Fashion Show

If you’ve been on any subway recently, you’ll have noticed ads for the Bloomingdales 59th street flagship store, which, over the past few months, has undergone an intense transformation. Striving to attract younger customers, they remodeled the entire second floor, bringing in bouts of color and updated decor. Neon signs, checkerboard floors, and racks of contemporary clothing are just a few ways the floor beckons young adults to shop.

Creating the hashtag #MixMasters, Bloomingdales has alerted a large, young group of influencers to shop and promote the new floor over social media. #MixMasters now represents the entirety of the Bloomingdales rebrand.

Only a few weeks ago did Bloomingdales contact FIT’s Runway27 club, an award-winning student-run organization that produces, from start to finish, a yearly fashion show. Their quest? To create a #MixMasters fashion show, styled by the students, featuring clothes on the new second floor.

“I was mind blown… I was speechless when my advisor told me what they wanted to do,” Says Elizabeth Warren, president of Runway27. The opportunity was just too good to pass up, so with only a month to produce a professional runway the students got right to work.

“This is the first time we’ve put a show together in this short of an amount of time,” recounts Molly D’amato, the vice president. “We cast the models, provided hair and makeup, picked out all of the outfits and styled… basically, we did everything except the set.” Bloomingdales decorated the runway with chrome palm trees and neon signs, while a DJ played music and event-goers drank complimentary mocktails.

The event was open to the public, especially garnering attention from FIT students and professors. All in all, over a hundred people showed up to the show, including the Bloomingdales CEO, to enjoy the casual yet energetic atmosphere.

When the first look went down the runway, all cameras shot up to capture what was a beyond rewarding moment for the Runway27 staff. “It was a really nice relief to see that all of our hard work paid off,” said Warren.

Runway27 has always been a channel for the student community to explore their creativity and make industry connections. The #MixMasters collaboration, however, achieved new heights for the six-year-old club, by allowing the students to learn how to operate a show from an industry-oriented vantage point.

Both leaders expressed their gratitude towards Bloomingdales and their peers. Having free creative control over the show, “that’s what the whole #MixMasters campaign is all about,” exclaims D’amato. “It was cool to see how far we could push ourselves and how ambitious we could be.”

For more details on the show and the Runway27 club, visit Runway27’s Instagram @fit_runway27 and website