Rihanna as Nefertiti on Vogue Arabia Causes Controversy

Rihanna is on the cover of Vogue Arabia‘s November issue as Nefertiti and has caused some controversy. Rihanna has been consistently staying on top of 2017 through new and exciting projects including the launch of her multi million-dollar makeup line Fenty Beauty. Throughout the year she has had many other accomplishments, and has been noticed for her distinct and one-of-a-kind-style, making her a great choice for the several covers and campaigns she has been featured on.

The singer can be seen portraying Nefertiti on a two-issue cover of Vogue Arabia. Nefertiti could be called someone special to the pop star, due to the tattoo of the Egyptian goddess on her rib cage.

After the issue came out, many took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the cover and felt that it represented cultural appropriation as Rihanna is from Barbados and Vogue Arabia could’ve used someone of Egyptian descent.

Based off of the looks put forth by the magazine, there are very loose ties to Nefertiti, especially through the clothing choices. Rihanna can be seen sporting the crown or head piece that is most linked to Nefertiti with a snake printed coat on one of the two covers.  Other images show the singer sporting a navy coat and hooded sweatshirt over an embellished gown.

Vogue Arabia, which has recently established itself in March of this year, continues to make headlines for the lack of women from the Middle East in or on the cover of the magazine. The magazine is sold and marketed in an area where women can be seen as secondary in their culture and many say Vogue is doing the opposite of promoting women through the lack of diversity or acknowledgment of the women who are supposed to buy and read this magazine.

Manuel Arnaut, Vogue Arabia’s Editor-in-Chief mentioned in his editor’s’ letter for the November issue that this cover was meant to signify diversity. “We are dedicating this issue to strong and dynamic women who are changing the world. Rihanna our cover star is one of them, ” Arnaut continued.

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