Regina’s October Editor’s Picks: It’s Spooky Season, Witches

Before we get into this month’s editor’s pick lets ll you all in on the latest tea. We, the Web Team, decided that each editor would choose a month and do editor’s picks. So yours truly volunteered as tribute to do October. Roll in the spooky season must-haves!

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Beauty: L’Oreal Cobalt Blue Mascara

So honestly this isn’t even in the name of Halloween. I genuinely loooove the wearing this royal blue pop under my eyes. It works in perfect contrasts with my dark upper lashes and the red undertone in my skin.

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Music: The Podcast Challenge

So this is actually less of a podcast challenge and more of a cleanse. For the past 21 days, I’ve cleansed myself of social media overload, music, and basically all things that don’t reflect who I want to be. I think social media cleanses are overrated because, in reality, it’s what you replace social media with that improvements… not simply going ghost. Instead, I took the Find Guru’s approach to this and I only posted when necessary and did not scroll. This cut down on constantly comparing myself which was the true gem. Then I replaced my music with podcasts. This is when I struck gold. This pushed me to nd this incredible listen called Being Boss. Give it a try! #NoRegrets

Food: Keto Snacks

My boss at my internship was going on a snack run for the division. He’s asking each of us what we want and then he gets to me he says, “What can you even eat?” I explained to him the simple two ingredients I stay away from while in Keto: sugar and carbs, for the 1,000th time. What he brought back were gems. Not gonna lie this is no replacement to a true candy bar or cookie, but it satisfies the craving and had to join my October picks.

Photo Courtesy of Regina Rene

Recently I took a trip to Atlanta to visit my best friend. Naturally, a mall day was on our agenda before my flight even landed. We were in this up and coming store called Edge, it’s comparable to Fashion Nova, just looking around for a night out look. Then I saw it. This beautiful puffy coat that I soon realized was reflective. The stars in my eyes went ablaze and I was elated! I’m sure this sounds dramatic but I’ve been looking to incorporate the reflective technology trend into my wardrobe forever. The best part about the jacket is that it’s cute, and actually warm. So puffy reflective marshmallow all winter, but make it fashion.

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