Reformation Tackles Sustainability, Body Positivity with New Lingerie Line

There’s a reason so many people enjoy and admire Reformation. It could be their LA-meets-vintage style clothing, featuring uber-flattering and slightly-sexy cuts. Or maybe it’s their successful stance on sustainability. Though their clothing is more expensive than fast fashion favorites like Zara and Forever 21, the quality and cool factor makes up for the difference in price tag.

And If I didn’t like the brand enough as it is, Reformation has worked tirelessly on expanding beyond ready-to-wear. By broadening their merchandise into denim, swimwear, and plus-size clothing, the brand is transforming sustainable fashion from a trend into a true lifestyle. Their most recent venture? A limited-edition lingerie line that launched just last week.

The line includes a range of bralettes, underwear and pjs, all for an affordable price of $12-$45. Each piece matches the sweet yet down-to-earth vibe of the brand, and is made of soft and supple eco-mesh, recycled lace, and Lenzing Tencel.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there! The brand’s opening campaign for the line features an array of not-so-typical lingerie models. The four chosen faces of the campaign are: Daisy, Rachel, JoAnna and Jamie. They are all successful women working in completely different fields. Underneath natural, scantily-clad portraits featuring the underwear, is a list of their accomplishments.

The message: “While it’s arguably hard to show lingerie without getting half-naked, today we wanted to hone in on other qualities as well. Like, you know, brains and accomplishments. Because that’s hot.”

This mantra aligns with the brand’s long-standing commitment to female empowerment. It even states in the campaign, “Reformation is a female-founded company with a leadership team consisting of 80% women.” Sustainability, body-positivity and female empowerment all wrapped up into one? Reformation has proved that yes, you can do it all.


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