Pretty Ugly

Have you ever gotten a glimpse of the face you make when applying mascara? How about the look of concentration when perfectly lining your lips? No matter what you do to look good, the process of looking “beautiful” is pretty…ugly.

Creative Director: Jewelle Trotman

Photographer: John Groves

Stylist: Lillian Suhyun Lim

Makeup Artist: Abbey Zucker

Production Assistant: Tyler Roarty

Models: Natalie Azcona, Nashé Francis, Joanne Mekonen

Location: Brooklyn Airbnb









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  1. This editorial is phenomenal! It is a brilliant concept that was executed perfectly. The images and angles they were taken at truly show that people can be ugly while getting pretty! The director did an amazing job, I look forward to seeing more material in the future!! I love it!

  2. Fantastic piece to see. Brought a smile right to my face and made me laugh. So proud of you Jewelle!! Keep up the awesome work with you and your wonderful team!!