PMO: Aviary: Act 1 – Eryn Allen Kane

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This week’s article explores music from a lesser-known artist that is based in Chicago, Illinois. That artist is Eryn Allen Kane, a Detroit born modern-day soul singer and songwriter who gained the attention of Prince following the release of her debut single “Hollow” in 2013, according to She has been featured in songs from Towkio, Donnie Trumpet & the Social  Experiment, and even Prince.

Aviary: Act 1 is a soulful album with influences from gospel music and artists such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Etta James, and Nina Simone. Kane states that the album is “essentially about me and my life, the things I’ve been dealing with and the need to be free. A lot of the songs are about trying and giving it your all, and breaking out of a confined “aviary” space.”

  • Tracklist
  1. “Bass Song”
    • Rate:★★★★
  2. “Have Mercy”
    • Fun Fact: This song is completely acapella- all the sounds in this song were made with the use of only her voice.
    • Rate: ★★★★★
  3. “Slipping”
    • Rate:★★★★
  4. “Piano Song”
    • Rate:★★★★★
  • Overall Review:

Kane pulls from personal experiences in the songs in Aviary: Act 1. The album features songs that discuss the challenges she faces in her life, such as love in “Slipping” and “Piano Song”. She also takes the listener to a darker place in “Have Mercy”, a song with strong gospel influences. Overall, Kane is a unique artist because of her desire to leave the meanings of her songs to her listeners’ interpretations. It is without a doubt that Kane’s soulful voice and skillful songwriting will help Kane in her future musical endeavors, as her desire and musical ability to create classics will take her far.

  • Personal Favorites:
    • “Have Mercy”
    • “Piano Song”
  • Overall Rate:★★★★


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