Are Pills Allowed to Be Fashionable?

By Taylor Bushey

Fashion is a form of self-expression and an outlet to be as creative as the heart desires. However, when drugs are thrown onto the Spring 2017 runway for Moschino, shoppers become confused and skeptical about how to feel about the idea.

Although Moschino is known for creating a buzz every season due to Jeremy Scott’s wild imagination. His unpredictability is what makes fashion followers intrigued to see what’s next. From accessories that look like cleaning products to questionable cartoon prints of the Native American culture, Scott has kept just about everyone’s mind racing to understand his ideas behind each quirky theme.

However, the use of drugs has more people outraged than usual. Doctors specifically think that the new collection is persuading people that drugs are acceptable to materialize into everyday circumstances. According to The Guardian, one nurse said, “Your willingness to profit off this epidemic that’s killing thousands astounds me.”  Patients that are recovering from addiction aren’t fond of the new outside influence hitting the fashion scene.   


Nordstrom, one of the largest luxury consumer department stores, has made the decision to pull Moschino’s new line out of stores for respect of the current irritated consumer.

In response to the large amount of negative lash back, Moschino wrote to Fox News as a way to inform consumers that they are not understanding the meaning of this season’s theme and that it’s not one to promote the illegal use of drugs.

In the defense of Moschino as a brand, they are trying to differentiate themselves and create freely. It’s what they’re famous for after all. In addition, media publicity is all a fashion brand wants to keep their name out there at the consumer’s disposal.

However, not all media coverage is positive, and the consumer is curious as to how Scott thought his followers were going to react to the pill-themed collection. Bold opinions are certainly something the designer is used to at this point. The concept of different is something many have a hard time understanding.

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