Photographer Mauricio Zelaya Brings Fluidity into Fine Art & Fashion

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Blush’s very own Photo Editor, Mauricio Zelaya is busy breaking boundaries within the art and fashion industries. 

The New York City-based artist says, “I am mostly inspired by fine art, liberated gender expression, and expanding representation of marginalized groups in the media. I am attracted to people who are different and defy society’s standards– whether it is being fluid in the way they represent themselves, embracing their body, or having a powerful message to say. Everyone is different and should be embraced.”

Zelaya is currently fulfilling his Associates in Applied Science degree in Photography and Related Media at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Besides photography, he enjoys meeting new people, drinking multiple cups of iced coffee, and binge-watching, Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23.

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“CAN’T SILENCE ME,” Mauricio Zelaya, 2019


“Minimalism,” Mauricio Zelaya, 2019


“Towel Series,” Mauricio Zelaya, 2019


“Grunge,” Mauricio Zelaya, 2019


"Genderless Fashion," Mauricio Zelaya 2019
“Genderless Fashion,” Mauricio Zelaya, 2019


“Old Fashioned,” Mauricio Zelaya, 2019


"Flamboyant," Mauricio Zelaya 2019
“Flamboyant,” Mauricio Zelaya, 2019
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