Outfits of FIT: Johana Supreme

Located on New York City’s 27th street and 7th avenue, FIT’s campus spans a total of one bustling block, meeting fashion from corner to corner.

While FIT is best-known for being the place where creativity gets down to business, I’m here to show you that it’s much more than that. Learn how to let fashion live free and explore the many outfits of FIT by meeting the individuals who love to embrace their personal styles.

This week it was Johana Supreme’s silver foiled puffer coat and pop of neon orange that caught my eye. Check it out below.

Name: Johana Supreme
Major: Advertising Marketing Communications
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Q1: How would you describe your personal style?

“My personal style is fluid and continues to change overtime. If you looked in my closet right now, you’d be surprised by the variety of patterns, colors and articles of clothing within it. I love getting dressed and letting my clothes express how I’m feeling, or simply surprising people with what I pair together.”

Q2: Who is your style role model/style inspiration?

“My style inspiration doesn’t come from one specific person. Sometimes it’s someone I see walking through the city, or a random instagram influencer. I would definitely say it’s a person who clearly isn’t phased by trends and walks to the beat of their own drum.”

Q3: Where are key pieces from your outfit from?

“My entire outfit was thrifted actually, besides the fanny pack, which is from ASOS. My jacket is from Buffalo Exchange, my shirt is Brandy Melville (thrifted from Uptown Cheapskates.) My Lee jeans were thrifted from a store in Long Island, and I scored these orange Huaraches in Soho at a trade show.”

Q4: What is your favorite trend at the moment?

“My favorite trend is definitely all things Neon. I love that an elaborate pop of color is back in style.”

Q5: Least favorite trend?

“My least favorite trends has got to be the dad sneakers.”

Q6: What is your favorite summer item that you can’t wait to break out?

“Is it weird to say my bathing suit?”

Q7: Favorite beauty look?

“If I’m not doing a natural beat, my go-to is the good ole’ smokey eye!”