Outfits of FIT: James Giammetta



Located on New York City’s 27th street and 7th avenue, FIT’s campus spans a total of one bustling block, meeting fashion from corner to corner.

While FIT is best-known for being the place where creativity gets down to business, I’m here to show you that it’s much more than that. Learn how to let fashion live free and explore the many outfits of FIT by meeting the individuals who love to embrace their personal styles.

This week it was James Giammetta’s vintage-inspired Tommy Hilfiger varsity jacket that caught my eye. Check it out below.

photo of FIT student, James Giammetta, showcasing his personal street style.

Name: James Giammetta
Major: Photography
Hometown: Bellmore, New York

Q1: How would you describe your personal style?

“My personal style is definitely whatever I like when I’m out during the day. I like relaxed fits but still like to be neat and put together. I like dressing monochromatically or with very contrasting clothes. My favorite thing about fashion today is being able to express myself how I want and not being judged for it.”

Q2: Who is your style role model/style inspiration?

“Definitely other kids at FIT. I’m really bad at thinking of cool things on my own, so I draw a lot of inspiration from FIT kids.”

Q3: Where are key pieces from your outfit from?

“Tommy Hilfiger jacket, black t-shirt, Uniqlo socks, and Converse PF Flyers.”

Q4: What is your favorite trend at the moment?

“Cuffed pants, 100%. I love wearing colorful or patterned socks so anyway to show that off.”

Q5: Least favorite trend?

“Definitely super distressed acid-washed jeans.”

Q6: What is your favorite summer item that you can’t wait to break out?

“Definitely Nike running shorts. I’m always out and about and sweating is my least favorite thing.”